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Feminism Is Unfair, You Say? [Poem]

Unfair, when I have to counsel my own harasser.

Unfair, you say?
The world’s unfair.
It’s unfair,
Unfair when I have to be afraid of being married off,
Even when I aspire to study and work.
Unfair when others have the same fear,
So what, if they don’t want to study?
Does that automatically mean they want them to be ‘given’ away?
Especially at a time,
When marital rape isn’t even recognised.
What security do I have?
What security does one have amidst this?
Yes. Pretty much.

Unfair, you say?
It is unfair.
Unfair, when I have to be fearful
You know when?
Even when I’m walking on the road.

Fearful, so fearful because I’m being scanned

Scanned for how my clothes rest on my body
And for how my bust and ass hang on my body.
That’s it, right?
They’re objects for you.
Just objects attached to a surface.
Unfair, isn’t it?

Unfair, you say?
Unfair, when I have to counsel my own harasser.
Counsel him to tell him to learn consent.
To know what ‘No’ is
And learn to respect it.
Unfair? Well.

Unfair, you say?
Yes, unfair.
Unfair, because I don’t usually keep foes,
But patriarchy, seems too loyal to go.

Featured Image Credit: ANATHE4EYED, Tumblr


  1. Shreya Das says:

    Loved reading it loud!

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