#PeriodPositive: Don’t Apologise For PMS

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For Menstrual Hygiene Day 2016, our friends at Menstrupedia put out a call for #PeriodPositive poster collection from all over the world to make the online community think and talk about one of the most crucial biological processes in women that needs more limelight. Periods. According to Menstrupedia, this is the World’s First Ever Crowd-Sourced Period Poster Collective – a collection of period positive posters that are quirky, bold and out there for everyone to see! They asked people to embrace their menstrual cycles as their own, as a part of their beautiful bodies and talk about them in a positive light. Red Dot is going to print the posters from this collective and put them up for their Art Show in ‘One Art Space Gallery’, New York. We are so excited to have our poster reach a global audience at this amazing period inspired Art Exhibition!

Above is our contribution to the #PeriodPositive poster collection designed by our dear Creative Head Shreyasi Bose.

Have a happy period!

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