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Every Woman Is A Virago As She Exists [Poem]

Every woman is a virago as she exists. Could you accept two-thirds salary doing the same work?

Posted by Cass H

Every woman is a virago as she exists.

Could you accept two-thirds salary doing the same work?

Whilst your uniform and behaviour was closely scrutinised?

(By men turning into beasts at the sight of a bra strap)

Whilst you had limited options to grow and develop?

(By men who want to steal your money and reaffirm women lacking talent)

Whilst you had everyone tell you women suck at certain jobs

(By men protesting reservations, desiring level playing fields)

Whilst your sports are secondary to theirs

(By newspaper moguls who brainwash their geese- women are soft)

Whilst you fear for your life and some arbitrary honour everyday

(By men friend-zoned and twisted partners and bankers on street corners with their Mercedes)

Whilst your voices are dampened to make your oppressor’s heard

(By famous film stars abusing their wives)

Whilst your aggressiveness and passion are seen are wrong

(By men whose veins are limp from the opiates of toxic masculinity)

Whilst the same gender wants to fuck you in life and in bed

(By the same people who then call you prudes or sluts)

Whilst they threaten to rape you as chastisement for slights made-up

(On Twitter defending big boobs in video games or on streets for not hiding them)

Whilst your curves and magazine covers are dictated

(By men who haven’t worn a corset or a pair of supposedly large women’s jeans)

Whilst your books are not published and your scientific achievements appropriated

(By men who didn’t ask Rosalind or George to step up for prizes)

Whilst you are not allowed to control your vagina

(By men who call your sexuality mysterious and force motherhood)

Whilst your family wished you were never born

(By incompetent men which evolution forgot to erase)

Whilst your bodies are mutilated and your feet are tied

(To uphold some crazy notion of beauty thought of by an emperor)

Whilst your superheroes wear leotards and are put up for display

(By men who don’t write comic books for you and only see you as mannequins)

Whilst being gay and content is a certain crime

(By men who can only profit from your insecurities)

Whilst your tires and soaps cost twice as much

(By men who think sanitary products are a luxury and razors aren’t)

Whilst your own voice is never heard

(By men shouting free speech that is)

Cass H is a non-binary person and prefers the pronoun they/them.

Featured Image Credit: Viragotrovatore

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