Watch: Jabong’s New Ad Celebrates Genderfluidity In All Its Glory

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Genderfluidity, or the ability to fluctuate between two or more genders, is somewhat an esoteric part of the gender spectrum. Often confused with being transgender or intersex, the discussion around genderfluidity has thus been so far woefully nonexistent. Save for progressive TV shows like Netflix’s Sense8, genderfluid people have not really been talked about or represented very widely in pop culture.

Online fashion giant Jabong’s new ad, titled ‘Be You – Discover All Things Fashion‘, features men and women in various unorthodox and gender-bending outfits and accessories. We have women rocking green lipstick and traditional pagris, men in naths, septum rings, pigtails and bold eyeshadows in a bevy of colours. The ad has been conceptualised by Bates CHI & Partners, with renowned London-based award-winning photographer and artistic director Harvey B. Brown behind the cameras.

In a statement to the media, Brown said,

“Fashion can be bold and brave and yet be within reach. Through this campaign, I want to break the stereotypes that limit the very creative expression that is needed to make a truly personalized fashion statement. Beauty in advertising is usually defined to fit set criteria. I wanted our styling to be contrarian and inspirational. So you’ll see young men and women wear shirts as colourful turbans, sweatshirts as pants, men’s trousers as women’s jackets, and so on.


Well, we seem to think that the ad has been thoroughly successful in portraying fashion as something that is not gendered, but is only a matter of personal choice and preference. You’re bold, you’re meek, you’re skinny, you’re plus sized, you’re short or tall.. But you are who you are. Celebrate yourself! You are the trend. Be you! Take a look at the ad below:

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