This is a declaration that CSIR Science Junior Research Fellows (JRFs) need to sign.

How are such details of a researcher’s personal life relevant to ‘scientific’ research? Why is “allegiance to India” and “help of God” essential for accessing one’s scholarship? Also, one wonders who is to be the “competent authority” on such matters?

Another instance of insidious forms of saffronisation of education and stringent moral policing of students, esp women students. Such forms of enforcing Brahminical morality need to be revoked immediately!


Via Pinjra Tod

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  1. I have worked in CSIR and remember signing of declaration for marriage if not married and no other form. Declaration to be monogamous, god fearing and patriotism is absurd.

  2. The declaration proforma is not new and has been continuing since long and was also applicable during the governments of Congress, Janta Party, Janta Dal headed by Gujaral and VP Singh, UPA. Furthermore, there is nothing offending in declaring ones marital status or taking the oath of allegiance to India. There is nothing like safforinsation or Brahminal morality. Nobody questioned the same declaration format during the regimes of Congress, UPA and other governments? Why?

  3. There seems to be nothing wrong in the declaration form. It is in force since decade and was there during the governments of run by Congress and other other parties. Why all these problems now? Where is the saffronisation? Why nobody questioned the declaration form during the rule of Cognress, Janta Party, Janta Dal and UPA?

    • We questioned the form now because we got to know about it now via Pinjra Tod. This is not about criticising one government while keeping mum during the other’s time. Re, no saffronisation, you really have to live under a rock in India right now to not see saffronisation.

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