CultureArt & Poetry #SexPleasureRights: Disability Is Not A Constraint To Sexuality [Artwork]

#SexPleasureRights: Disability Is Not A Constraint To Sexuality [Artwork]

#SexPleasureRights: What does disability has got to do with sexuality?

The #SexPleasureRights blog/arts series by Coalition for Sexual and Bodily rights in Muslim Societies seeks to create a space for conversation, dialogue and curiosity on what it means to conceptualize sexual pleasure as an inherent and integral part of our personal and political advocacy across our diverse feminist movements for social, economic, gender, racial and ecological justice.

They are inviting submissions that reflect on and expand their own personal experiences with advocacy around sexuality, while trying to push the boundaries of our feminist discourses, practices and approaches to the issue of sexual pleasure.

They want to create a space to celebrate, with frank and candid openness, the rights to speak about our sexualities, and our experiences & desires for pleasure.

Below is Feminism in India’s contribution made by our Creative Head Shreyasi Bose. Enjoy!

#SexPleasureRights: Disability Is Not A Constraint To Sexuality [Artwork]


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