SocietyNews Feminist News Wrap: Monika Ghurde, Ashoka University, & The Uniform Civil Code

Feminist News Wrap: Monika Ghurde, Ashoka University, & The Uniform Civil Code

A quick overview of feminist news from last week!

Crimes Against Women

Monika Ghurde, a perfumer from Goa, was sexually abused and killed by a security guard who hid on her terrace for two days. He was arrested three days later in Bengaluru.

Pratibha Gautam, a Kanpur Judicial Masgitrate, was murdered in her house and the Kanpur police has arrested her husband Manu Rajan as a suspect, on the grounds of frequent fights about him forcing her to get an abortion and her disapproval of it.

A 47-year old man working in a hospital in Gurgaon as a doctor has been arrested for allegedly raping his patient. 

Vishwa Hindu Parishad district secretary, Abhishek Yadav, was allegedly caught molesting women in Uttar Pradesh at a Muharram gathering, clad in a burqa. A case has been registered against him.

A 27-year old school bus conductor in Ludhiana has been arrested for biting a five-year old girl student on her leg while dropping her home from school.

Sexism and Misogyny

On the death of a 13-year old girl belonging to the Jain community after her 68-day fast, Jain religious leaders say, “Don’t interfere with our religion!”


A Bench of Justices Anil R. Dave and L. Nageshwara Rao has passed a judgement saying that a woman trying to take away her husband’s “pious obligation” of providing for his family can be divorced because of this reason.

The Delhi High Court has said that a woman denying sex to her husband for a long time without any justification is a case of mental cruelty and she can be divorced on these grounds.

According to a recent SC Judgement, a sex worker can’t lodge a case of sexual assault against her customers if they refuse to pay

Uniform Civil Code: The Law Commission invited citizens to give their views on ending several religious practices and customs recognised as anti-women in all three major religions.

‘Kheda Bachao Andolan’ was kicked off on Dusshera to to accord the status of revenue villages to dalit-dominating khedas of Jaunnsar Bawar, headed by Dalit leader Daulat Kunwar.

Udupi Chalo!: People from 166 Dalit, Left and progressive organisations, as well as some influencers, were part of the Swabhimani Sangharsha Jatha from Bengaluru to Udupi between October 4 and October 9, for the theme “Food for our choice, land is our right!”

Hindustan Times is using the hashtag #LetsTalkAboutRape to have “an open conversation on the daily brutalisation of women.

Bangalore Political Action Committee (B.PAC) lines up a series of events for awareness about safety of women and children.

Two teenage girls in Chattisgarh have been making repeated attempts to file police complaints against alleged extrajudicial killings by security forces in Bijapur district.

A Muslim man was picked and tortured by the police in Jamtara dictrict of Jharkhand for allegedly sharing the image of a slaughtered cow with a comment on Whatsapp.

Two senior members of the administrative staff at Ashoka University have quit over a debate on freedom of speech on the campus.

A small group of atheists gathered in Vrindavan were beaten up by a gang of Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Bajrang Dal along with other groups.

World News

Iranian chess players hit back by saying that hijab is no reason for boycott of Women’s World Championship.

Pakistan’s women’s football team striker Shahlyla Baloch passed away in a car accident.

Sarai Baremen from New Zealand has been appointed as the first ever Chief Women’s Football Officer by FIFA.

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