Comic: Irresponsible Nudes – The Shame Is On You

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Posted By Kshiraja Krishnan

Irresponsible Nudes, by Kshiraja Krishnan
Irresponsible Nudes, by Kshiraja Krishnan


This comic does not intend to make light of cyber bullying and abuse. All my love and support goes out the victims of these crimes. There is no question that we need better cyber-security laws, that we deserve accountability from the web and its users.

However, these crimes are committed to humiliate. And every piece of ‘advice’ that places responsibility on the victims is working under the same frame as the intent of the abuser. Don’t shame people’s bodies, shame the perpetrators.

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Kshiraja is a feminist illustrator based out of Bangalore. You can follow her work on Tumblr and Instagram.

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