Watch: 5 Dalit Women In History | #DalitHistoryMonth

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Dalit women have made immense contribution towards shaping the Indian society, but their efforts have long been ignored. April is Dalit History Month, here are five Dalit women your history books won’t tell you about.

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  1. The point about Nangeli is inaccurate. The breast tax was thus named only so that it may be differentiated from the head tax paid by men of her caste. And covering the upper body in the name of honor and virtue was not an issue in the matrilineal society of Kerala at the time. Such patriarchial concepts were only introduced later by the colonials and “educated” men from other parts of the country. Nangeli was only objecting to a tax which was oppresive and exploitative. Yes, she stood up against caste oppresion. Please refer to the following link from the pages of THE HINDU newspaper for further clarity.

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