Infographic: What Is Comprehensive Sexuality Education? | #WhyCSE

#WhyCSE: CSE In The ClassroomEditor’s Note: Feminism in India in collaboration with TARSHI have launched a campaign ‘#WhyCSE – CSE In The Classroom’ to emphasize the need for Comprehensive Sexuality Education in schools. Read more about the campaign here.

Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) is about bodily changes – of puberty, growing up, physical differences, and at times, it is also about how adolescents feel in their body – do they like what they see? Are they happy and comfortable? Or are they under some pressure to look and feel different?

Sexuality education is also as much about young people’s likes, loves, and relationships, with each other, with teachers, with their parents and society at large, and at the same time it’s about protection from abuse, violence, infections, hurt and the pain of break ups… It is about values and responsibilities, rights and duties. It is about sex too, what it is, the right time for it, who the ‘right’ person is, how and when to say no and when and why to say yes. It is about viewing sexuality affirmatively and responsibly.

Infographic made by Asmita Ghosh and Shagun Gupta. 

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