Comic: Comprehensive Sexuality Education In Schools | #WhyCSE

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#WhyCSE: CSE In The ClassroomEditor’s Note: Feminism in India in collaboration with TARSHI have launched a campaign ‘#WhyCSE – CSE In The Classroom’ to emphasize the need for Comprehensive Sexuality Education in schools. Read more about the campaign here.

Hardly any schools in India implement comprehensive sexuality education in their curriculum. Issues of puberty, relationships, gender roles and body image are issues that all children and young people struggle with, but which are ignored in their formal education.

Did you receive sexuality education in your classroom? #WhyCSE

Artwork by Harini Rajagopalan for Feminism in India

About the author(s)

Harini is a freelance illustrator, writer and graphic designer from Bangalore. You'll never find her without a book, some paper and her trusty black pen.

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