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Meet Shristi Verma, The Instagram Artist Who Draws Queer Women In Love

Shristi Verma started an Instagram page by the name of Shayxme, where she draws queer women in love kissing and embracing.

Posted by Sukhdeep Singh

Shristi Verma wanted an escape from the “straight life” that she was living. Having accepted herself as queer, she wanted a place where she could express herself and show her emotions. That’s when the young woman, who works as a content writer, started an Instagram page by the name of Shayxme. The very first post of the page has a drawing inspired by the Katy Perry song, “I kissed a Girl”.

The first post of the account, inspired by Katy Perry song

The account mostly features illustrations or drawings showing two women kissing each other. The women are dressed in different forms, some have a traditional Indian look, with a bindi, nath and other ornaments, others have a more modern look, with caps and short hair.

lesbian drawing

Illustration by Shrishti Verma

Other drawings, which feature single women, have them being unapologetically queer, and expressing their desires for other women.

Illustration by Shrishti Verma

Illustration by Shrishti Verma

Talking about her illustrations, Verma says, “This page depicts Queer love between two women. It’s focused on lesbians and bisexual women at the present time. It is all about showing that love is love, no matter  what. Love is beautiful, irrespective of gender and sexuality.”

Illustration by Shrishti Verma

Verma, a student of Journalism and Mass Communication, plans to do a Masters in Graphic Design and move into arts full time. You can follow more of her work on her Instagram page @shayxme.

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This piece originally appeared on Gaylaxy and has been re-published here with their permission.

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