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These 5 New Startups Are Turning Heads And Changing Minds

These five Indian startups are looking to change mindsets when it comes to talking about some of our most personal needs, desires and the environment.

Posted by Amaira Bhatt

Items we use in everyday life may become normal, or even mundane for their users, but it doesn’t mean that we’re comfortable talking about them. Things like sex toys, sanitary napkins, and even plastics are topics that aren’t necessarily dinner table ready. Despite their incendiary discussion potential, these products are something that most people can enjoy and use daily. Whether we want to think about it or not.

These five Indian startups are looking to change mindsets when it comes to talking about some of our most personal needs and desires. Conversations that are rooted in feminine rights, sexual freedom, and climate change can be hard to start and definitely difficult to sustain. But, making conversations more public and products more future friendly is exactly what these companies hope to achieve. Creating a healthier and happier place that we all can live in, one weird product at a time.  

1. Adult Products India

It’s no secret that India has become known as a more sexually restrictive country in recent centuries. From being once known for their practice and reverence of the sexual arts, India has become a bit of a prude since Puritan laws became vogue during British rule. However, the country is looking for change and Adult Products India is there to help.

While undergoing a burgeoning sexual revolution, sex toys in India are selling at an all time high, and retailers are hoping that this will spark a change in patriarchal power struggles and sexual repression.

2. iBreastExam

In India, newly diagnosed breast cancer survival rates hover around 40-62%. This is shocking when looking at the statistics of other countries. In the US, five year breast cancer survival rates are at 90.2% and the UK reach around 85.6%. Researchers attribute these poor outcomes with several factors, but early detection is key to successful treatment.

Founders of UE LifeScience have created a solution to this impending epidemic. A handheld wireless device that can detect tumour tissues as tiny as 3-5mm. The device emits no radiation and can be connected to a mobile phone. iBreastExam brings breast health into the community, hoping to make it common practice.

3. Altifarm

With many Indians still living at home well into their 20’s, space is always a problem. Especially when it comes to hobbies like gardening. Altifarm hopes to bring gardening and food creation a little closer to home with their DIY urban farm. Allowing big families direct access to the produce they use most often.

Altifarm is a four-tiered self-watering space where you can plant food as well as memories, even if you’re stuck in a small apartment. They also offer specially designed lighting packs for houses that have low sun exposure, taking the excuses out of the conversation.

4. EnviGreen Biotech

EnviGreen has come up with a solution to much of the world’s plastic problems. Eliminating the need for you to show your Nanni even more pictures of plastic bloated whales. EnviGreen products cover almost every conceivable kitchen and household single use plastic needs – from bin liners and package films, to aprons and laundry bags. They can also even arrange for customised products, giving you a green choice for the things each person requires.

Their products are 100% organic, biodegradable, and ecofriendly. They also look pretty much identical to what you use already, so this may be one conversation you won’t need to have.

5. Saathi Pads

Another household necessity that no one wants to talk about are sanitary pads. Periods are pretty much taboo conversation in most cultures, but Saathi Pads are hoping to change the “yucky” into the “yes!”. Saathi Pads are made from banana fiber, so they’re fully compostable and biodegradable. They also are free from bleaches and perfumes so you can easily say bye bye to that nasty pad rash.

The pads are individually wrapped and discreetly packaged. You can easily order them online and have them shipped directly to your home, making it simple to take control of your monthly care. Saathi Pads also partners with a #OneMillionPads program, that helps to supply their products to women in rural communities.

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Amaira Bhatt, a young college student studying literature, that enjoys writing about women empowerment. 


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