Did you know that women get the short end of the stick even when it comes to access to Diabetes healthcare? Read the following infographics to know more and prioritise your health above all!


How many people are affected by it?

Diabetes is quite common in India. It is estimated that 98 million people will be affected by it by 2030! This makes it essential for us to know more about its impact on our health.


That’s a lot of people! What are some symptoms that can indicate insulin resistance?

Listed below are the symptoms of insulin resistance. However, in some cases, there may not be very evident symptoms at all!

insulin resistance symptoms

I might be experiencing some of these symptoms. What steps can I take?

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If you experience some of these symptoms, it is best to begin looking for adequate healthcare. You should get your blood sugar checked and consult a doctor to get clarity about the process to be followed.

diabetes symptoms

Thanks! I wonder if it is related to PCOS in any way…

PCOS is also an extremely common occurrence in India. There is a correlation between insulin resistance and PCOS.


Woah! We really need more people to know about the relationship between the two!

We need our education system to incorporate learning about PCOS and Diabetes at an early stage in the lives of children and adolescents so that we promote a healthy lifestyle early on, and minimise the impact of PCOS and Diabetes.

health awareness

What about mental health?

Yes, Diabetes and Depression are correlated with each other.

depression and mental health

What are some resources I can look up to educate myself more?


What is the Blue Circle Diabetes Foundation?

blue circle diabetes foundation

Hope this series helped you get an insight on the basic things to know about Diabetes and its comorbidities. For more information, you can always visit the Blue Circle Diabetes Foundation website!

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