FII Inside News Nishtha Shanti: Passionate Feminist and Aspiring Documentary Filmmaker | #MeetTheFIITeam

Nishtha Shanti: Passionate Feminist and Aspiring Documentary Filmmaker | #MeetTheFIITeam

Nishtha Shanti is FII's Multimedia Editor and enjoys telling stories through the visual medium. Someday she hopes to become a documentary filmmaker!

As part of FII’s new Meet the Team series, we are featuring former and current employees who have worked with or are working with us currently since the inception of FII. Feminism in India as a digital intersectional feminist media platform would not exist if not for these incredible individuals who have helped build this organisation to make what it is today.

Today, we’re chatting with Nishtha Shanti, who is FII’s Multimedia Editor. She identifies as a coffee guzzling, dog loving, ghazal listening girl. She enjoys telling stories through the visual medium. On weekends you can find her elbow deep in flour, baking for the people she loves. Someday she hopes to become a documentary filmmaker. 

FII: What do you like most about being a part of the FII family?

Nishtha: I really enjoy the feeling of working with like-minded people towards a common cause. The FII family feels like a community which is there to understand all micro and macro problems one may be feeling, and that sense of belongingness is very gratifying. 

FII: What advice would you give someone joining the organisation?

Nishtha: Be ready to learn and unlearn! This is a place which will pose a lot of questions in front of you, the answers to which may not always be comfortable, but on the other side of things you will emerge a more aware and conscientious person! 

FII: How would your colleagues describe you?

Nishtha: This is a tough one! I think that they’d call me ‘the girl who talks on team meetings a lot’ or describe me as being really quick at my work. 

FII: Which fictional character do you identify with and why?

Nishtha: At the risk of sounding a little too big for my boots, I think I’d say Matilda from Matilda by Roald Dahl. Only because she was tiny and smart! 

FII: What is something that you’re tired of hearing?

Nishtha:You’re so tiny, you look like you’re still in school!

FII: Which feminist movement do you feel particularly passionate about and why?

Nishtha: I think feminism and mental health is something I’m deeply passionate about. The discrimination in society leads to a very lasting impact on the minds of the oppressed and I feel that mental health is often overlooked and misunderstood because of lack of access and information. Also due to the fact that mental health services are not always affordable for everyone. 

FII: What makes FII a ‘feminist’ organisation?

Nishtha: I think that it grants a platform to strong independent individuals who have a space and freedom to talk about whatever they feel strongly about

FII: What’s the most fun thing about your job?

Nishtha: My team! There’s so much to learn from every single one of them, and so much space to collaborate. Plus I think we’re a really courageous and creative group of women who never cease to lift each other up and that is amazing! 

FII: Do you remember when and why you decided to work at a feminist organisation?

Nishtha: I knew I wanted to work for the feminist movement and women’s rights issues since I was a very little girl, but I didn’t imagine it would be this early on in my career. I’ve always felt that when you feel passionately about the work you’re doing, it ceases to be ‘work’ and becomes a higher purpose. I guess I’ve wanted to be a journalist working in the field of feminism for as long as I can remember! 

FII: If you had a talk show, which feminist icon would you call and what would you ask them?

Nishtha: I think I’d love to have a chat with Frida Kahlo about her life and work! 

FII thanks Nishtha Shanti for her timely and valuable contribution to the organisation. We are incredibly grateful to have her as a part of our team and appreciate her for her deeply insightful work. You can follow her on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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