Social media handles have a unique way of connecting people and transcending boundaries. Apart from celebrating one another, they also function as a space for proactive engagement during crisis calls, resistance and community initiatives. Instagram, the social media giant, is an extremely popular medium that is also extensively being used to discuss political nuances like race, class, caste, religion, sexuality, gender fluid identity and the like. They give valuable insights into conversations around these topics by destigmatising them through amplification and awareness.

Here are 10 Instagram pages that create consistent critical discourse on gender and society, through an intersectional lens:

1. Agents of Ishq

Agents of Ishq was started by Paromita Vohra, artist, writer, filmmaker, activist and a diligent feminist. It is a multi media project that talks about love, sex and desire. Agents of Ishq aims to sensitise the youth of India to sex education and create a safe space for conversations revolving around consent, sexuality and desire, among others. The page focuses on these topics by employing creative art in the form of images, explainers, audio stories, podcasts and videos.

The next time you want your daily dose of erotic heritage, or wish to get some insight into your own fantasies, please give this account a visit.

2. Gaysi Family

This page is a space for the ‘desi’ (Indian) Queer community to talk about their personal stories and struggles. Initially started as a blog by MJ, Chicklet, and Broom to create a support system for the community, Gaysi Family now engages with movie reviews, personal pieces, book reviews, politics, news and everything under the sun that has to do with the Queer expression.
Passionate about amplifying the queer voice and the queer perspective on love, sexuality and freedom, they have also launched Gaysi Zine a magazine, and their own open mic event called ‘Dirty Talk’, for and by members of the Queer community.

Conscious of the space they occupy, Gaysi Family advocates social justice and supports movements and organisations like Stop Acid Attacks among many others.  Follow them for their take on inclusivity and all things desi!

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3. Bitch Media

4. The Conscious Kid

5. Pink List India

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6. Brown and Feminist

7. Check Your Privilege

8. The Queer Muslim Project

9. India Love Project

Started after the row over the Tanishq ad, the India Love Project archives love stories across cultures, faiths, caste, class, gender and borders. The page focuses on stories of fighting for love and overcoming the prejudices attached with inter-caste and inter-faith marriages. The stories, highlighting the journey of diverse couples together and what they mean to each other will fill your heart with warmth and tenderness.

10. Dalit Feminist

Dalit Feminist is a space for members of the Dalit, Bahujan and Adivasi (DBA) communities to record and archive their struggles, stories and victories. The page amplifies art, songs and poetry about dissent, educational opportunities, publications and books by Dalit authors and activists. It also extensively documents DBA history which is often sidelined by mainstream history archives. Head onto their page for a deeper understanding of caste, class and gender histories.

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This is by no means an exhaustive or representative list. Suggestions to add to this list are welcome in the comments section. 

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