CultureInternets Podcast: Content And The Internet Ft. Prapti Elizabeth

Podcast: Content And The Internet Ft. Prapti Elizabeth

In this episode of IFDS, we have content creator and actor Prapti Elizabeth conversing on influencer culture and the internet

There are a lot of great ways in which we are getting entertained on the internet – the idea of consuming someones life and jokes as a form of entertainment may have begun with the advent of reality television but has now percolated to our phones through influencers and content creators.

Social media stardom is huge in our country – but as with everything, this cannot escape the grip of personal politics either. So in this episode of FII’s Podcast, we take a look at the rise of influencer culture in our country.

Joining our hosts is a writer, and content creator who dons many onscreen hats alternating between humour, social commentary, social media interactions, and much more.

She started out as a writer, before moving to multimedia production and content creation. She has recently also forayed into acting with the Malayalam film ‘Janeman’. We are extremely excited to have with us the witty, sharp, and lovely Prapti Elizabeth on this episode of Intersectional Feminism – Desi Style! brought to you by Feminism In India.

This podcast is available on SpotifyAppleGoogle, and six other streaming platforms via Anchor. Listen to this episode on any of your favourite streaming platforms and tell us what you think in the comments section!

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