FII Inside News Meet Sayeri Biswas – FII’s Featured Writer Of May 2023

Meet Sayeri Biswas – FII’s Featured Writer Of May 2023

FII would not exist if not for the passionate and loyal feminist writers’ community that we have steadily been building over the years. This May, we feature Sayeri Biswas.

We have been featuring the best writers from our writers’ community for their committed contribution to FII, making it what it is today. FII would not exist if not for the passionate and loyal feminist writers’ community that we have steadily been building over the last few years. This May, we feature Sayeri Biswas.

Sayeri is an English Literature student with a deep interest in literature and films. Some of her popular articles include Propaganda Films And The Politics Of Making India A Hindu Rashtra, Maharashtra Murder: A Case Of Misogyny And The Lack Of Sex Education, Amazon Prime’s ‘Women Talking’ Is A Haunting Portrayal Of Female Resilience, Sonali Kulkarni’s Myth Of The Lazy Woman: Caste, Class And Internalised Misogyny, FII Interviews | Swethaa S. Ballakrishnen Talks About Their Book Accidental Feminism: Gender Parity And Selective Mobility Among India’s Professional Elite, Enola Holmes 2: The Feisty, Female Sleuth Is Back among others.

FII: Tell us a little about yourself and what you do.

Sayeri: I am currently pursuing a Masters degree in English Literature from Jadavpur University, Kolkata. When not critically ruminating upon different art forms including literature, I usually binge-watch K-dramas and listen to my favourite songs on a loop.

FII: How did you become a part of the FII writer family?

Sayeri: When I interned for FII, I was given a platform to express my opinions on issues of gender and social justice. I am immensely grateful to have become a part of the FII writer family through that internship. As a contributing writer, I think more critically about contemporary concerns now and am slowly improving at articulating my ideas better. It is an honour to get my articles published on a well-established prestigious platform like FII.

FII: How and when did you become a feminist? Which issues within feminism are close to your heart?

Sayeri: I do not think I became a feminist at any particular point in time. It was just a natural process of growing up and realizing that the deep-rooted system of patriarchy pervading every sphere of our existence calls for an immediate reaction/rebellion against it. Also, my upbringing and my study of the arts and literature widened my mental horizons enough for me to look at the world and society through analytic lenses. Being a feminist is intrinsic to who I am because it encompasses all that I think and do. I hold all issues within feminism close to my heart and I would never stop raising my voice for them.

FII: What is your favourite piece on this site that you have written, and your favourite piece on this site that you have read? Why did they strike you?

Sayeri: My favourite piece on this site that I have written is – Book Review: You, Me And Every Woman In ‘Lies Our Mothers Told Us’. The book contained issues very relatable to me and most women and writing a review for the book was a chance to delve further into issues of women’s struggle against patriarchy.

FII has a large archive of exceptional articles and some of my favourites among them are – The Trivialisation Of Female Fans: Addressing Gender Stereotypes Around Fandoms (for its great analysis of popular perception towards female fangirling), The Binary Construct Of Gender In The Nude Tradition Of European Oil Paintings (for its showcase of how art emerges from underlying gender issues), and Witch-Hunt And Occult Practices: Cultural And Structural Violence Against Women (for its exploration of historical prejudice and torture against women).

FII: What do you like to do when not writing about gender and social justice?

Sayeri: I like exploring cafes, and places of historical interest and walking through various museums and art galleries. Art provides me solace and also enriches and expands my mental capabilities. I am inherently curious, so coming to know a little more every day about life through the consumption of art makes me really happy.

FII: What do you like about FII and our work? What more would you like to see from us?

Sayeri: FII is an independently run intersectional feminist platform that raises and analyses diverse questions concerning the times we live in. It does substantial work in spreading awareness and providing insight into a large plethora of issues. I also like the fact that it allows creative freedom for its authors to state their opinions strongly against instances of social and gender injustice. I would love to see FII grow even further and keep up with their good work.

FII thanks Sayeri for their timely and valuable contributions. We are incredibly grateful to have them as a part of our writers’ community and appreciate them for their deeply informative writing. You can follow them on Instagram.

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