Call For Applications : Digtial Artists’ Residency For Artists With Disabilities

    Call For Applications : Digtial Artists’ Residency For Artists With Disabilities
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    Website Manifesto for Accessible Arts Festival (MAAF)


    The aim of this project (Virtual Artist Residency) is to design a Manifesto for Accessible Arts Festival (MAAF) for an all-inclusive festival co-hosted between Wales and India. MAAF will be a structured toolkit that focuses on providing a global platform for artists with disabilities. It will cater to the needs of audiences with disabilities and provide a universally designed space, without adopting an ‘able-ist’ approach.


    The purpose of the MAAF is to increase representation, voice the needs of artists with disabilities, and enable diverse audiences to participate in the arts through accessible space planning.


    This is an open call for all artists with disabilities irrespective of their race, gender, sex, caste/social class. We are looking for emerging or mid-career artists or those with no/little experience in their own artistic practice but are willing and unafraid to take risks and explore new opportunities.

    The program will be conducted in English (supported by sign language interpreters). Applicants need to be comfortable with spoken and written English. Applicants should also submit their application and supporting documents in English.


    In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the project will take place as a digital artist residency using digital media to virtually connect six artists with one another. Three artists will be from Wales and three artists will be from India.


    The six selected artists will participate in a virtual intensive, collaborative workshop over the course of two weeks, as part of the digital artist residency. The ground covered will include contemporary practices and lectures on various issues of relevance. The participants will respond to what they learn and bring their own creative output to their findings. The six selected artists will receive remuneration for their participation in the residency.

    At the end of this process, the project organisers will be looking to invite artists to join the full MAAF project. Decisions will be based on the ideas, approaches and discussions that emerge during the workshop and how they fit with the priorities of the partner organisations.

    How to Apply

    Step 1: There are two ways to fill the application form.

    CLICK on the Application Link for a Google Form or DOWNLOAD the application form given below in Word file format.

    Step 2: Fill out the details as mentioned in the form.

    Step 3: Email the application form ( if using Word file format) to


    Each application must be led by a Welsh/Indian disabled artist. Access funding is available separately – both to support access to applications and/or access to support the project.

    By applying to the MAAF project you confirm the two points mentioned below:

    1) I confirm that the project is led by a disabled artist/collective based in Wales / India.

    2) I understand that the Virtual Artists Residency projects must be completed by November 2021.

    For more information, please click here.

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