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Human Values Workshop based on Jeevan Vidya (Madhyasth Darshan)

2nd to 8th May 2021

Do You Ever Wonder?

What is my purpose? What is Happiness? What are the relationships? Can relationships be harmonious? What are values? What is love? What causes conflicts and misunderstandings? Is making money my only aim in life? What is Equality, Justice, Education? What is happening to our natural resources? What is my role? Is society needed? Why are there so many laws, rules, regulations? Can we survive without each other? Why is there exploitation in society? What am I? What is this world? What is life? What are these planets, stars, galaxies? Are we alone in the universe? What is the universe?

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The human quest is to seek a happy, secure, harmonious and sustainable way of life. Happiness at the level of the individual, security at the level of family, harmony at the level of society and sustainability at the planetary level. What do you aspire for?

At present, this quest has generally been reduced to acquiring wealth and influence over others. However, the fact remains that no matter how much wealth or influence one acquires, fulfilment continues to elude us as individuals. What is your quest?

Presently, the pursuit of wealth & power is causing deterioration of self (mental health, physical health), relationships (unfulfilled expectations) resulting in a society that is constantly fighting/ exploiting within itself. In the mainstream we have accepted this exploitation as inevitable; harmony is not even a consideration anymore. What do you think, is this a problem?

The impact of this destructive way of living is all around and it affects one and all, but none of us wants this destruction. Despite none of us desiring this destructivity in our living, we are all, unfortunately, knowingly or unknowingly, participating in it. And at the same time hoping for harmony and sustainability. What do you think, do we need to do considerably better as a society?

Is this what we want? Is there any alternative to this? Can we humans live in harmony with each other? Can we nurture our relationships, families, communities and our society? Is there a possibility for a sustainable lifestyle? Many of us are asking these questions; some are even attempting to answer them and some are attempting to present solutions to such related issues at various levels.

What is Jeevan Vidya?

Jeevan Vidya (JV) is a proposal for understanding and living based in philosophy called Madhyasth Darshan*.
Introductory JV course introduces one to the basic concepts of JV regarding Self, Relationships, Society, Nature and the principle governing all of these. With these basic concepts, one is able to understand the structure, purpose, responsibilities, expectation, the fulfilment of various aspects of life.
JV proposes that each person lives according to his/her understanding, and in lack of understanding, they live according to the assumptions.
According to JV, understanding is that which takes one towards, harmony in self and at the same time harmony with others.
If harmony is absent then it is just an ‘assumption’ not understanding, which needs to be examined. In fact, education is the journey from assumptions towards understanding.
Those of us who have engaged with JV have discovered a robust basis for looking at life and related issues. This ‘worldview’ helps in making better decisions and therefore better relationships thus improving the quality of life considerably.

What is Jeevan Vidya Introductory Course?

It is usually a 7-day residential course.
The facilitator puts forth proposals for the participants to examine.
Clarifications on the proposals introduced during sessions are welcome and addressed.
This course is free of Do’s & Don’ts therefore there is no preaching.
This course is not associated with any religion, sect or commune.
Normally, the classroom sessions last for over 6 hours, so the participants need to be mentally prepared for that.
Besides the above-mentioned formal interaction time, participants are free for informal interactions.
There are no mandatory rules in this course. Participants are suggested to maintain civility, cooperativeness and politeness with each other, so as to nurture learning and contemplating environment within the participant group.

Language: Hindi

Venue: Sambhaavnaa Institute, Village : Kandbadi, Post – Kamlehad, Tehsil-Palampur, Kangra -176061

Dates: 2nd to 8th May 2021

For any other info: WhatsApp or call Shashank: 889 422 7954 (between 10 am to 5 pm), and e-mail:

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