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Haiyya was set up because of a frustration at how the development sector was significantly failing to create and sustain leadership pathways for young people who want to make a difference. They’re on a mission to fix that! Haiyya was founded in 2015 by Aprajita Pandey, with a vision to rebuild and transform the social fabric of India, where young leaders and their organisations are building grassroots citizen power to strengthen democracy, governance and human rights. They equip social changemakers, organizations and citizen groups to learn, innovate and adapt to the needs of the changemaking landscape. Using cutting edge modern day campaigning and community engagement frameworks, they create a loud thumping voice of participatory, people-powered programs.

Inspired by the work of Professor Marshall Ganz from Harvard Kennedy School and the adaptation of his work in President Obama’s electoral campaign 2008 & 2012, Haiyya are applying and innovating ‘Community Organizing’ in India. They started their journey by running local level campaigns and training young people to become community organizers. Today, they have put themselves on the
global map with prestigious awards, recognitions, affiliations and partnerships. They have worked with many clients, partners and funders to design campaign strategy, implement programs and training curriculums engaging more than 5,000 change-makers in their network. In the past 3 years, they have been hired by reputed organizations, funded by trusted grant bodies and collaborated with renowned partners to advance leadership and participatory approaches that build sustainable change in India.


Haiyya is looking to hire the Senior Campaign Associate as part of their Campaigns & Mobilization pillar, who has a strong interest and commitment towards issues of Climate and Environment. The Senior Campaign Associate will work with the Haiyya team to achieve its on-going campaign goals and strengthen the movement by raising awareness, empowering and mobilising individuals and building solidarity amongst communities of different cultures and backgrounds.

The role is to identify and establish new connections with key individuals and explore and lead opportunities to collaborate with different stakeholders. The Senior Campaign Associate is to take leadership and organize young leaders to work on pressing socio-political campaigns to bring youth voice and actions on the forefront. You will be responsible for running and being the face of campaigns and mobilization efforts that Haiyya will lead across issues. Time is an important tactic in campaigning and organizing. Hence they work in a fast-paced environment and need someone who is enthusiastic, dynamic, creative, can play for the team and keep a cool head when it gets busy.

This is a full-time position and they want the person to be based in Delhi. They are hoping for the joining date to be sometime in March.


  1. Lead and run the campaign by actively engaging, recruiting and building leadership of your community.
  2. Respond and serve the needs of the campaign by listening and sensing the ground that informs and adapts campaign actions.
  3. Conceptualise and deliver meaningful campaign tactical actions and mobilization efforts in number and power to scale the campaign
  4. Build and escalate relationships with your community, volunteers, allies and partners to achieve campaign goals and objectives.
  5. Develop and share the purpose, campaign narrative and ground stories of the campaign to the outer world. Be the spokesperson on forums and facilitator of spaces on the campaign issues.
  6. Maintain campaign data, paper work, budgets and reports.


  • You will report to the Head of Campaigns & Mobilization, who will be responsible for coaching and supervising you.
  • You will mainly coach campaigns core team members & star volunteer leaders.
  • You will work directly in upto 2 main campaign projects at a time.
  • You will participate and contribute in other projects and learning spaces of Haiyya.
  • You might Manage and coach maximum 1 Associate staff member based on the need of the team/work and the leadership they demonstrate.


  • You are a young person under the age of 30 years
  • You have 2-3 years of skills and experience in campaigning, organizing & mobilization in a formal organization or informal groups/collectives
  • You have a strong understanding of climate, gender, citizenship and human rights issues
  • You have the ability to work on and leverage technology, social media and basic tech tools to maximize the work
  • You’re a self-initiator and feel responsible for your leadership, work and learning
  • You value and skilled in relationship building and people engagement at the core
  • You are creative, risk-taking and eager to find new ways to find solutions with people and resources around you
  • You are a team player who steps up and have high commitment to organization’s mission and work
  • You have the muscle to work in a high speed campaigning environment
  • You have strong knowledge and appetite to read, learn and investigate about campaigns and movements in India and outside
  • You are an active and authentic communicator who has the ability to assess the situation and reflect honestly on the work and circumstances
  • You embrace vulnerability, compassion and resilience in your work ethics


This will be a full-time role and salary is commensurate with qualifications and experiences you have in alignment with Haiyya’s competitive and equitable wage policy.


  • Haiyya is a youth-led feminist organization with a passionate, committed and talented team of young people who are building the ecosystem of new age organizing in India
  • You join a team that is bold, ambitious, compassionate and fun loving. We stick together to celebrate our achievements, successes and learn from our mistakes and failures
  • You join a workplace that is committed to invest in your leadership, learning and growth journey as a social change professional
  • You get to experience what collective care, well-being, dreaming, ideation and authentic relational investment look like in a work environment
  • We will encourage you to pause, reflect, rest, take leaves and vacations — that’s part of the culture!
  • We listen! And we listen carefully when you tell us your needs, your questions, your discontent, your ideas and then act on them to build an effective organization
  • You get to build this vision and change-story with us!


Haiyya is an equal opportunity employer, and we welcome people from all sex, sexual orientations, gender identities, caste, ethnicities, faith and religion and people with disabilities. If you’re interested to apply, then click on the application form link here. This is an urgent position and the interviews will be conducted on a rolling-basis until the position is filled. Apply now!

If you have any questions about this role or position, please write to us at act@haiyya.in

Deadline: February 28, 2021.

For more information, please click here.

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