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We ( run a one-year fully funded residential course for students from underrepresented communities to learn Software Engineering – get jobs (vocation!) and work towards the betterment of the surrounding communities (this is what we need, really – more problem solvers!). We have launched an online course and currently working with 30,000+ learners. We have a capacity of 850 students in our residential centres (2 in Bangalore, 1 in Pune, 1 in Dharamshala, 1 in Delhi and 1 in Agartala), and are in process of adding another 600 seats through four different states by December 2022.

So far we have placed around 290+ students in various companies including Mindtree, Thoughtworks, Unacademy, etc. and have a 100% placement rate for our students.

Our campuses are completely self-governed spaces that are totally managed by the students. Cooking food, making products from locally grown bamboo, and learning to code. The students at NavGurukul lead everything on their own.

Being a small team our work requires us to sport multiple hats. There will be times when you would be tired and hate the chaos that a small org like ours could have. But at most others you would dream, you would be hooked and you would be building stuff, for real.

We would respect you, treat your growth seriously, and ensure that you have ownership of your work. We would listen to your rants, your thoughts, your ideas. Our culture places a lot of emphasis on vulnerability, honesty and meaning.

What are we looking for;

Looking for a passionate hustler with a lot or zero experience with the following priorities:

  • an entrepreneur at heart, who wants to lead a campus – much like what deans are supposed to do in colleges, but so much cooler
  • is interested or has some ideas on designing and monitoring systems and processes
  • who can make critical decisions to smoothen the processes

Female candidates are encouraged to apply, as the campus is an all-women campus.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Establish a good rapport with students.
  • Organize Academic Support, Student Support, and Parent and Community Engagement
  • Meet on a regular and consistent basis with students and staff to share information about the Campus facilities and work with them to ensure student progress in regard to campus bound activities.
  • Facilitate regular review & update among the facility in-charges of all the Navgurukul campuses based out of Bangalore, Pune & Dharamshala
  • Coordinate & Take effective decisions to manage day-to-day administrative, academic, infrastructural, financial, and other activities happening on the campuses

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