SAAF Is Looking For A Consultant For Their Global Grant Making Review

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The Safe Abortion Action Fund (SAAF)* was established by a group of five bilateral donors† in 2006 as a multi-donor funding mechanism to support in-country initiatives for increasing access to safe abortion care. Established in part to meet the critical need for funding abortion-related projects in the face of the revived ‘Global Gag Rule’, it quickly became an essential funding mechanism – unequivocally and unapologetically focused on de-stigmatizing abortion, increasing access to safe and legal abortion worldwide, and serving the needs of those in the most restrictive environments.

The Safe Abortion Action Fund (SAAF) directs funds to local and community-led organizations to increase access to and build support for safe abortion. It currently supports 79 grantee partners worldwide to undertake advocacy and awareness raising, evidence building and delivery of services.

Purpose of the Consultancy

The SAAF Secretariat is seeking a consultant/s to support the review of its grant making process, with the lenses of participation and diversity, and the ultimate goal of ensuring that SAAF can fulfil its new Theory of Change. The consultant will:

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  • Review the current SAAF grant application and decision-making process (proposal templates, requirements, guidelines, independent review process & Secretariat and Board decision making).
  • Seek to better understand processes used by other grant-making mechanisms, in particular those who have participatory grant-making approaches.

Expected outcomes:

  1. A summary outlining the strengths and weaknesses of the current SAAF grant-making process.
  2. A summary of the strengths and weaknesses of other relevant grant-making mechanisms.
  3. A mapping of the opportunities onto which SAAF can build a more participatory mechanism.
  4. After the initial assessment, the consultant will support the design of a revised grant-making mechanism that gives more voice to locally led organisations and grantee-partners in decision-making.
  5. A plan to monitor and evaluate the impact of these changes that are designed to move SAAF to a more inclusive and participatory grant making approach.

Timeframe and Deliverables

With the goal of having a revised mechanism by end of June 2021, we envisage that the grantmaking review process will include the following steps:

Assessment phase – The consultant will review SAAF documentation and hold consultation with various stakeholders such as grantee partners, current and potential donors, and other abortion actors or funding mechanisms to assess the strengths and gaps of SAAF in relation to power dynamics and grantees’ participation and inclusion.

Design phase – The consultant will work with the Secretariat and grantee partners to support the design of a more inclusive and participatory mechanism. That should include key indicators to measure change.

Testing and review phase – A call for proposals will test out the new processes and support to reflect on the implementation of proposed changes could be envisaged at a later stage.

The expected deliverables will be:

  • A summary of findings on the current mechanism as well as other grant-making mechanisms
  • Recommendations on potential key elements of a new grant mechanism
  • A monitoring plan to measure longer term changes

Consultancy Requirements – Person Specification

The essential requirements for the consultancy are:

  • Experience with grant-making mechanisms, and especially participatory mechanisms
  • Experience in developing, implementing, and evaluating diversity, equity, and inclusion programs for organizations or coalitions
  • Strong understanding of racialized global power dynamics
  • Candidate from or with extensive experience working in the Global South
  • Experience in the Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) sector and commitment to gender equality and the right to safe abortion
  • Strong facilitation skills (in English)
  • Ideally the consultant(s) will be familiar with the international abortion sector and similar and /or competitor funding mechanisms
  • SAAF’s other working languages are French and Spanish and we welcome applicants who can communicate with grantee partners in these languages, or other languages relevant to the countries grantee partners are working in
  • Availability to work on this project between March and June 2021

    This work can be done remotely from any location and SAAF can provide support with communications and logistics.

Consultants interested in this role should send the following documents to with the subject line “SAAF Grant Making Review” by (midnight UTC) on Thursday 25 March 2021:

  • An outline of the proposed work over the next few months, with approaches considered for each phase of the review.
  • A detailed quote (Excel spreadsheet) highlighting all tasks that will be undertaken for this work. The estimated budget for this work is US$17,000.

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