URJA Trust Is Looking For A Mental Health Social Worker

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  • Mumbai

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About URJA Trust

URJA Trust is a Mumbai based grassroots non-profit NGO working with homeless young women (and in certain cases their children), between the ages of 18-30 years, who have been forced to leave their houses, or have chosen to leave their houses due to a variety of reasons including a desire to improve their circumstances and lead a life of their own choice, to escape poverty, violence (mental, physical, emotional, sexual), dysfunctional families, discrimination faced by them or their community.

URJA works to provide safe and empowering spaces to these women, where they can not only heal from the violence they have faced but also be empowered enough to move ahead to lead their lives with dignity and free of violence. Our interventions are aimed at their holistic
development, focussing on their health and wellbeing (physical, mental, emotional and sexual), education and livelihood options, and ensuring their access to civil and political rights, and other social entitlements as the citizens of the country. In order to achieve this we believe that the transformation cannot be limited to individuals but needs to pervade into the system as well for a just, equitable and compassionate society where young women pursue their lives with freedom and dignity.

Purpose of this Position

The role of the Mental health Social Worker is to provide holistic and comprehensive case management services to participants, develop programs and resources and formulate case plans that promote moving towards self- sufficiency.

Reporting Program Coordinator – Health/Mental Health

Job Role and Responsibilities

1. Case Work

    • Assist the case management team in case interventions with participants
    • Carry out responsibilities in cases as per guidelines stated in SOP, when necessary
    • Support in documentation and case narration of participants and communication with referrals, stakeholders

2. Counselling

    • Plan group sessions and pair discussions with the participants and community members
    • Design sessions on issues pertaining to psychosocial wellbeing of homeless young women from marginalised communities
    • Individual case handling of participants, family members, relatives.

3. Advocacy

    • To inform, guide and educate participants, community and systems on mental health and wellbeing on various platforms.
    • Initiate steps to ensure the responsiveness and relevance of policies, procedures, programs or practices on local and external level.
    • To engage in research and documenting data pertaining to healthcare rights and justice of homeless women and human rights issues.
    • Networking with external stakeholders from governmental and non-governmental organisations and communities.
    • Search and explore resources, develop strategies to build partnerships withstakeholders
    • Managing internal and external communications

4. Reporting and Documentation

    • Program planning and execution.
    • Document and update girls’ medical information, mental health and family restoration plans.
    • Monitoring the documentation of referral, history, registers and other case related documents online and offline of health program
    • Monitor budget and expenses of activities undertaken in health program
    • Write a monthly planning and report of activities to the Case Management Manager.
    • Content writing, documentation and reporting of program activities, visit and meetings reports, resources and data management manually as well as online.

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