Women’s Fund Asia Is Looking For A Communications Officer

    Women’s Fund Asia Is Looking For A Communications Officer

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    Overview of Organisation

    Women’s Fund Asia (WFA) is a regional women’s fund, committed to supporting women, girls, trans, and intersex people-led interventions, to enhance and strengthen their access to human rights. WFA provides sustainable and flexible funding and resources to support the leadership of women, girls, trans, and intersex activists and groups who work at local, national, and regional levels for human rights.

    The Fund started in 2004 as the South Asia Women’s Fund (SAWF), operating in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. In 2016 the organisation undertook an intense process of review and consultations, and it was relaunched as Women’s Fund Asia on 8 March 2018.

    As WFA the organisation expanded its mandate across Asia, increasing its outreach from five to 18 countries. The present team works out of four cities in South Asia and two cities in Southeast Asia to implement the Asia-wide programme, with a diverse pool of consultants and experts rostered across the larger region. WFA’s headquarters is in Colombo, while the Executive Director works out of the Liaison Office in Lucknow, and a satellite office is located in New Delhi. Other team members work out of their home locations.

    Overview of Position

    The Communication Officer will help develop, update and implement WFA’s communication strategy through a comprehensive communication plan to promote a culture of robust sharing of knowledge and learnings among the donors and grantees within the WFA ecosystem, and to external audiences as well. The Communication Officer must be able to fulfil the tasks stated below:

    Major Duties & Responsibilities

    A. Internal Communications – strategy, systems and processes

    1. Devise the annual communication workplan based on the organisational communications strategy with clearly defined activities and timeline.
    2. Develop a dissemination strategy for existing and upcoming resources, events and impact of WFA
    3. Develop a creative and dynamic style guide for WFA
    4. Develop a comprehensive guideline for WFA to respond and address the diverse language and translation needs of the organisation during critical processes of grantmaking, linking and learning and influencing philanthropy. This is key to ensuring that all events, workshops, events, resources and activities of WFA remain inclusive and accessible for all.
    5. Work closely with the officer and/or consultant on digital safety and security at WFA to ensure that all internal and external communications of WFA follow all safety andsecurity protocols and measures.
    6. Identify vendors and consultants across Asia region and maintain a robust consultant roster
    7. Work closely with Grants Team, Institutional Building and Finance and Administration teams at WFA to:
      1. Strengthen the internal communications process and system to ensure timely and effective flow of information among different teams in the organisation.
      2. Adopt virtual communication platforms for conducting meetings and workshops in the context of travel related restrictions being placed on physical distancing and social gatherings.
      3. Develop comprehensive organisational quarterly reports with a strong focus on reflection, analysis and learnings to be shared with the WFA Board.
      4. Develop a quarterly plan of events, announcements, activities and campaigns that WFA leads and/or participates that require dissemination and visibility in the public domain. Disseminate and communicate about the same in the public domain.
      5. Support in external events, workshops, trainings, meetings held both online and offline (leading the coordination with notetaker and documentation person, visual and graphic recorder, translators, technical support during virtual meetings etc).
      6. Identify appropriate learning and exchange platforms, including key conferences and important annual events, and build social/media strategies around these events
      7. Identify the capacity-strengthening needs related to communications for the grantee partners and develop a plan to address them as part of the Annual Communications Workplan.
      8. Represent WFA in strategic partnerships, alliances and consortiums and collaborate with communications teams of partners in these consortiums to lead the planned work on WFA’s behalf.
    8. Reporting and Proposal Development
      1. Align the annual communications workplan with the donor reporting cycle, to ensure all submitted donor reports are well edited, designed and formatted as per WFA’s style guide.
      2. Contribute to the content of the reports and proposals especially for sections on communications, campaigns and public events.
      3. Work with the MEL and Grants team to identify, capture and develop stories of change that can be shared with donors, allies and other external audiences. This will include accessing grantee partner progress reports, visits to grantee partner organisations or organising conversations with grantee partner organisations virtually.

    B. Content development

    1. Proactively develop editorial content (stories, photos, infographics, case stories, primers, reports etc.) in consultation with other teams in WFA and adapt for web and social media, print media, TV as needed.
    2. Develop appropriate messages suited to identified online and offline channels of communication.
    3. Design and develop templates for standard WFA communication mediums (presentations, reports, videos, organisational announcements, emailers etc).

    C. External Communications – Social Media, Website, Annual Report, External Events, Publications and Resources Leadership

    1. Annual Report – Lead the creation, development, design and publishing of WFA’s Annual Report on time.
    2. Oversee and manage publication of knowledge products.
    3. In communication with the SMT, support the creation of press releases and promotion of press appearances, speaking engagements for the SMT
    4. Develop and maintain media partnerships
    5. Develop and disseminate newsletters – quarterly and event-related
    6. Social Media
      1. Identify, lead and use relevant social media channels to maintain constant engagement with donors, grantees and other target audiences, as identified.
      2. Develop new, creative and dynamic social media content with support from internal teams
      3. Coordinate overall implementation of WFA’s social media engagement strategy, to ensure coherence of content across platforms, in keeping with WFA’s brand identity
      4. Create a social media plan per month/quarter, responding as soon as possible to relevant current events on social media
      5. Ensure WFA’s social media channels are accessible and inclusive by addressing different language, translation and accessibility needs.
    7. Website
      1. Collate, organise and manage information on the WFA website
        Update WFA’s website on a regular basis and ensure key deadlines are met for the dissemination of time-sensitive and topical content.
      2. Assist with the creation of original written and visual content for the website
      3. Monitor Search Engine Optimisation and website functionality
      4. Ensure WFA’s website is accessible and inclusive by addressing different language, translation and accessibility needs.

    Qualification, Experience and Competencies

    1. Post-graduate or graduate degree in mass communications or journalism with a degree in English studies, social sciences in another relevant field
    2. Strong writing and analytical skills for content development.
    3. Fluency in written and spoken English and good research and editing skills.
    4. Minimum of 5 years of relevant experience in communications, preferably in the development sector.
    5. Prior experience and familiarity in using and working with design software, video production, virtual meeting platforms and photography is necessary.
    6. Passion for, commitment to, and in-depth understanding of women’s and trans* and intersex human rights issues, particularly in the Asia region
    7. Experience managing on-line communications using content management systems is desirable.
    8. Demonstrated capacity and experience in the use of traditional and emerging media for advocacy, dissemination and communicating results.
    9. Demonstrated ability to work across time zones and with partners, consultants and vendors located in other parts of Asia.
    10. Experience in engaging with media personnel and ability to liaise and engage with corporate and alternative media is desirable.
    11. Prior experience in organising events and managing end-to-end coordination is desirable.
    12. Previous work experience with regional and/or donor organisations will be an added advantage.
    13. Understanding of website back-end website management along with content creation and updating is desirable.

    Terms and Conditions

    1. Once selected, a renewable contract syncing with WFA’s fiscal year (April – March) will be issued. Ability to join immediately is required (within a month of offer email).
    2. The remuneration for the position is between USD 2400 to USD 2500 per month. In case the individual is based out of home, then an office running stipend will be provided. The remuneration will be commensurate with work experience and skills. The taxes will apply as per laws of the land where WFA has registered office either Sri Lanka or India.
    3. There will be a six-month probation period, during which the contract can be concluded through a notice of 7 working days on either side. The incumbent will be internally evaluated before being confirmed. After confirmation the contract can be ended by a notice of 22 working days or salary of 22 working days in lieu of notice.
    4. Once confirmed, there will be an annual performance evaluation every March, a month before a new contract is issued in April. The entitlement to leaves and medical benefits will also apply as per the HR Manual.
    5. There is no obligation on the part of WFA to offer a new contract upon the conclusion of the present contract as WFA’s human resource requirement is contingent on access to, availability, adequacy, the purpose of and timing of donor funds.
    6. The organization has a zero tolerance to sexual harassment at the workplace; as well as any form of discrimination on any grounds including but not limited to sex, gender, sexual orientation, class, caste, race, and/or disability; the practice of which could result in immediate termination with no compensation, reference, or experience certificates.
    7. The impact of sound judgment, decision‐making, and management/leadership in this job function is of utmost importance to the organisation and its overall ongoing success.

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