Women’s Fund Asia Is Looking For A Consultant – Programme Coordinator

    Women’s Fund Asia Is Looking For A Consultant – Programme Coordinator

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    Overview of WFA

    Women’s Fund Asia (WFA) is a regional women’s fund, committed to supporting women, girls, trans, and intersex people-led interventions, to enhance and strengthen their access to human rights. WFA provides sustainable and flexible funding and resources to support the leadership of women, girls, trans, and intersex activists and groups who work at local, national, and regional levels for human rights.

    The Fund started in 2004 as the South Asia Women’s Fund (SAWF), operating in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. In 2016 the organisation undertook an intense process of review and consultations, and it was relaunched as Women’s Fund Asia on 8 March 2018. As WFA the organization expanded its mandate across Asia, increasing its outreach from 5 to 18 countries.

    The present programme team works out of six cities in South Asia and three cities in Southeast Asia to implement the Asia-wide programme, with a diverse pool of consultants and experts rostered across the larger region. WFA’s headquarters is in Colombo, while the Executive Director works out of the Liaison Office in Lucknow, and a satellite office is located in New Delhi. Other team members work out of their home locations.

    Overview of Women’s Fund Partnership

    The Amplify – Invest – Reach: Women’s Funds Partnership (A-I-R Partnership) is a partnership between the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and women’s funds based and operational in the Pacific and Asia regions. It will assist the funds to expand their work with
    women’s rights organisations and human rights defenders and their advocacy to draw more resources for work towards gender equality into these regions. It will engage with opportunities for information exchange, linkages and the women’s movement, and policy
    engagement towards shared objectives.

    Three women’s funds will participate in the A-I-R Partnership:

    • Women’s Fund Asia
    • Women’s Fund Fiji
    • Urgent Action Fund Asia and Pacific

    A fourth fund, the Pacific Feminist Fund, is expected to join in year 3.

    The Fund is overseen by the Gender Equality, Strategic Budget and Investment (GBL) Section within DFAT, which shares management with DFAT’s Office of the Pacific (OTP) and Southeast Asia Division (SED). Its objective is to build sustainable and effective partnership that promotes and delivers human rights outcomes for women, girls and persons with diverse sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and sex characteristics (SOGIESC) in Asia and the Pacific, contributing to sustainable, long-term change for gender equality.

    Position Overview

    The Programme Coordinator will be engaged by Women’s Fund Asia, on behalf of the AIR partnership, to coordinate and manage the programme and partnership of the four feminist funds and DFAT.

    The Programme Coordinator will lead the coordination and management of the A-I-R Partnership, support the Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning and Accountability; internal and external communications; and, logistics, support and meeting coordination components of the
    A-I-R Partnership.

    The position is a long-term and part time (2 days per week) based in Asia.

    The Programme Coordinator will be supervised by WFA in the execution of their workplan and contract. However, the Programme Coordinator will report to the Executive Directors (EDs) of the four Women Funds (WFs) in the fulfillment of the TOR.

    Major Duties & Responsibilities

    The Programme Coordinator will undertake below duties and responsibilities:

    1. Coordinate all key activities of the partnership in consultation with all partners on – grantmaking, communications and advocacy, MELA and learning events.
    2. Develop a shared communications plan in consultation with partners and establish joint communications systems both for internal and external purposes.
    3. Work closely with the MELA Consultant on meeting all monitoring, evaluation, learning, accountability and reporting requirements.
    4. Coordinate reporting requirements and timeline to ensure timely submission of reports by all partners to the AIR Partnership Programme Coordinator. Consult with relevant Pacific Women Lead (PWL) partners, including the Enabling Contractor, to align reporting for Pacific components with PWL narrative.
    5. Lead the design and execution of learning events in consultation with all partners.
    6. Support contract and financial management related to specialist input, learning events and conferences.
    7. Ensure duties and tasks are undertaken in compliance with the FMF management manual and risk management strategy.
    8. Maintain a working knowledge of significant developments and trends in the human rights and philanthropy fields.
    9. Represent the AIR Partnership in external networking spaces, regional and global events, meetings etc.
    10. Monitor that the collective work is on track in delivering WFs led results as defined by the partnership’s MELA Framework. Provide the EDs and Co-Leads in the WFs with timely and accurate information to steer the programme and guidance and feedback on MELA frameworks where necessary. Document the process of monitoring activities undertaken for internal reference and institutional knowledge and lessons of all partners for inclusion in semi-annual and annual reports.
    11. Ensure that reports and any other information requested by DFAT on the AIR partnership’s collective work are delivered on time and reflect quality standards. This will include aggregating the achievements of each fund and their grantees to program level. The program coordinator will elevate output and activity‑level reporting to program level, demonstrating how outputs lead to programme outcomes.
    12. Identify and communicate lessons learned in this process, including recommendations for improvement.
    13. Identify and communicate in a timely manner if any difficulties arise in the programme that can affect the deliverables of and the process of this initiative and recommendactions to overcome difficulties.


    The deliverables will be:

    1. Overall partnership coordination and programme management.
    2. Organize regular meetings for the partners for planning, learning and accountability both virtual and in- person for the EDs, Co-Leads and WF relevant teams.
    3. Maintain effective communication with the EDs and Co-leads of WFs, making them aware of critical issues of the programs, and then ensuring action plans to address these issues.
    4. Create and distribute the minutes arising from these meetings and highlight theactionable items.
    5. Coordinate with the MELA consultant in completion of tasks as per workplan and timeline (quarterly check-in meetings, annual plans, annual narrative and financial reports.
    6. Develop a communications plan for the AIR Partnership. This will include guidance about internal communications (between partners) and protocols for external and joint communications and branding. To be developed in collaboration with all partners.
    7. Manage internal and external communications at Partnership level.
    8. Coordination of the Learning events.
    9. Coordination of the Annual Partnership Meeting, including logistics support.
    10. Assist partners in the completion of collective activities.


    A. Academic Qualifications
    Master’s degree in any social science, law, or other relevant subject.

    B. Experience

    1. Minimum of 3 – 5 years of progressively responsible experience in social justice sector, especially within a feminist organisation, in the region.
    2. Experience in working with and coordinating partnerships.
    3. Experience with a regional organization is an added advantage.
    4. Experience and interest in communications (internal and external)

    C. Expertise and Skills

    1. Knowledge and understanding of the socio‐political context (with a focus on women/girls/trans/intersex human rights) in Asia and the Pacific.
    2. Strong programme coordination experience: ability to ensure timely completion of workplan and timeline, consultation with all partners, implement the shared vision of the partnership and coordinate with multiple teams (WFs, DFAT, MELA, Communications, Finance and Administration).
    3. Ability to communicate well in English (verbally and written) and one other regional language is a must; knowing more than one regional language is an asset.
    4. Excellent documentation and analysis skills.
    5. Skills in social media and communications (planning, dissemination, campaign etc).
    6. Presentation, coordination, negotiation, planning, assessment and decision-making skills are imperative.
    7. Ability to design, organize, and lead the implementation of work plans and relevant processes.
    8. Strong attention to detail with effective organizational and time management skills.
    9. Strong interpersonal skills and the proven ability to provide leadership to a team and to work in a team environment.
    10. Ability to work in a multicultural environment with an international team, working on a remote basis, is a must.
    11. High comfort and tolerance to manage stress and role demands, ability to multitask, prioritise, and self-manage.

    D. Principles and Values

    1. WFA’s programme and its strategy are rooted in feminist principles; it is imperative that the values, understanding, and behaviour of the Programme Coordinator is entrenched in the same principles.
    2. Must have demonstrated commitment to the advancement of women, girls, trans, and intersex human rights.

    Terms and Conditions

    1. The remuneration for the position will be up to USD 2500 per month. The remuneration will be determined commensurate with work experience and skills.
    2. There will be an evaluation before offering the post.
    3. The organization has a zero tolerance to sexual harassment at workplace; as well as any form of discrimination on any grounds including but not limited to sex, gender, sexual orientation, class, caste, race, and disability; the practice of which could result in immediate termination of services with no compensation, reference, or experience certificates.
    4. The impact of sound judgment, decision‐making, and management/leadership in this job function is of utmost importance to the organization and its overall ongoing success.

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