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Photo Essays

In this section, find photo essays of various protests, marches, pride walks and events by Feminism in India.

Aath March Saath March International Women's Day 2017

In Photos: Aath March Saath March – International Women’s Day 2017

Photo essay from the Aath March Saath March parade held in Delhi for International Women's Day 2017 - a collectively organized march.

In Photos: Hyderabad Queer Swabhimana Yatra 2016 – An Intersectional Statement

The Hyderabad Queer Swabhimana Yatra 2016 did not forget the political climate we are currently operating under. Apart from the calls for justice on...
namma pride 2019

Namma Pride 2019 In Bengaluru Wears Black In Solidarity Against Injustice

The Namma Pride 2019 Parade in Bengaluru was on the 24th November. The queer community decided to wear black in solidarity against pressing issues.

Skin Deep: A Photo Essay on Acid Attack Survivor Ritu

This photo essay attempts to shatter the myth of beauty that is represented and manufactured by the mainstream media. An attempt to envision the quote “beauty isn’t skin deep.”

In Photos Delhi Queer Pride 2014: Loud, Proud And Out

Delhi Queer Pride 2014 was nothing less than a grand party. People from all ages came together to protest against the regressive law Section...

15 Pictures That Promote Accessgiri And Stop Violencegiri At Raahgiri

At Raahgiri people of all ages, backgrounds, diverse disabilities joined hands and came together in big numbers to promote accessgiri and stop violencegiri.

‘Aath March, Saath March’: International Women’s Day 2015 In Photos

This Women’s Day we gatherd to mark our collective actions towards creating a world free of violence, injustice and oppression. Together we inspired each...

In Photos: Aath March Saath March – International Women’s Day 2016

This International Women’s Day 2016, we gathered to celebrate our collective commitment to create a world free of violence, discrimination, injustice and oppression. We...

In Photos: Delhi Queer Pride 2019 Protests Against Trans Bill

On 24th November 2019, thousands of people marched from Barakhamba Chowk to Jantar Mantar for Delhi Queer Pride 2019.

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stock images rape

Dear Media, Use These New Stock Images To Depict Rape Instead! | #GBVinMedia

FII ran a crowdsourced art campaign to create new stock images for the media to use when covering incidents of gender-based violence.
Power Of Misogynist Intellectuals: Jordan Peterson & His Indian Allies

Power Of Misogynist Intellectuals: Jordan Peterson & His Indian Allies

The Canadian psychologist, Jordan Peterson kicked up a storm with his seemingly compelling arguments against feminism, political correctness, and more.
To Kill a Mockingbird

Gender Roles And Stereotyping In ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’

To Kill a Mockingbird covers several themes that are often uncomfortable to encounter and explore, such as racism and loss of innocence.