Friday, September 20, 2019

Photo Essays

In this section, find photo essays of various protests, marches, pride walks and events by Feminism in India.

In Photos: Take Back The Night 2015

Like the last two years this year too a Take Back the Night rally was organised on 31st December 2014 by Citizen's Collective Against...
In Photos: Bhubaneswar Pride March 2018

In Photos: Bhubaneswar Pride March 2018

The successful Bhubaneswar Pride march was put together by The Parichay Collective, Meera Parida's NGO 'Sakha', and SAATHII.

Skin Deep: A Photo Essay on Acid Attack Survivor Ritu

This photo essay attempts to shatter the myth of beauty that is represented and manufactured by the mainstream media. An attempt to envision the quote “beauty isn’t skin deep.”

15 Pictures That Promote Accessgiri And Stop Violencegiri At Raahgiri

At Raahgiri people of all ages, backgrounds, diverse disabilities joined hands and came together in big numbers to promote accessgiri and stop violencegiri.

‘Aath March, Saath March’: International Women’s Day 2015 In Photos

This Women’s Day we gatherd to mark our collective actions towards creating a world free of violence, injustice and oppression. Together we inspired each...

In Photos Delhi Queer Pride 2014: Loud, Proud And Out

Delhi Queer Pride 2014 was nothing less than a grand party. People from all ages came together to protest against the regressive law Section...

In Photos: Aath March Saath March – International Women’s Day 2016

This International Women’s Day 2016, we gathered to celebrate our collective commitment to create a world free of violence, discrimination, injustice and oppression. We...

Delhi Queer Pride 2015: Fight Against ALL Oppressions!

Delhi Queer Pride 2015 sent out a loud and clear message against the rising intolerant of a political climate. 

Kolkata Pride Festival 2015: Love And Solidarity

While December 2015 showed no sign of winter in Kolkata, the Kolkatans were proud enough to walk the Kolkata Pride Festival 2015 on Sunday,...

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The Futile Quest For A Feminist Marriage In Today’s World

The question, however, is that even after getting rid of sexist practices and beliefs, can there be a feminist marriage?
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Why Do Bollywood Movies About Women Have Male Protagonists?

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