Friday, September 20, 2019
“Name And Shame” Statement

Thinking Out Loud On The “Name And Shame” Statement By ‘Feminist’ Representatives

This is not a delegitimization of the work done those behind the “Name And Shame” Statement, but a request to allow self critique.
Gurmehar Kaur

Gurmehar Kaur And The Spectre Of Nationalism

Gurmehar Kaur has received rape and death threats merely for standing up against the gundagardi and violence at Ramjas College.
High Spirits

High Spirits Cafe: Misogynists Uncovered And A Movement Has Begun

The owner of High Spirits, a bar in Pune, was called out for sexually harassing women. It fueled the #MeToo movement and spread awareness.
Katrina, Ranbir And The Omnipresent Phenomenon Of Mansplaining

Katrina, Ranbir And The Omnipresent Phenomenon Of Mansplaining

Katrina Kaif shut down Ranbir Kapoor’s mansplaining at a recent interview for Jagga Jasoos to VJ Xerxes Wadia of MTV Insider.
How Not To Celebrate Women's Day: Deconstructing WhatsApp Forwards

How Not To Celebrate Women’s Day: Deconstructing WhatsApp Forwards

Women's Day Whatsapp forwards serve to remind me that womanhood is only celebrated when it is convenient. When it is sanitised, stripped of anything remotely political, swathed in pink and devoid of accountability.
Swathi Vadlamudi

The FIR Against Cartoonist Swathi Vadlamudi Should Make Us All Angry

Swathi Vadlamudi is a senior journalist based in Hyderabad who has an FIR lodged against her for posting a satirical image of Ram and Sita highlighting the era of rampant sexual violence that we live in.

How Jayalalithaa Combatted the Sexism in Tamil Nadu Politics

Jayalalithaa’s life is testimony to the difficulty that women in politics might face – especially those that do not come from politically established families. Given the patriarchal structure of the family, women are expected to balance a home and work life, something that is difficult in a career in politics.
Kamala Girls High School

Kamala Girls High School Penalizes 10 Girls For Allegedly “Indulging In Homosexuality”

On March 8th, 10 students of 9th standard in Kamala Girls High School were accused of "indulging in homosexuality" and were strong-armed into issuing a forced written confession.
Katy Perry

Katy Perry Kissed A Boy And He/We Did Not Like It

Katy Perry sexually assaulted Benjamin Glaze - any sexual act without explicit and enthusiastic consent is sexual assault.

India Advocates Death Penalty For Consensual Same-Sex Relationships

When religion, caste and sexual orientation determine state violence, the very existence of the death penalty places innocent lives at risk.

What's Trending On FII?

What People Don't Tell You About Stretch Marks And PCOS

What People Don’t Tell You About Stretch Marks And PCOS

While people were quick to point out that stretch marks look ugly, or to ask how did I get them at such a young age in the first place, they never told me that stretch marks can be a symptom of PCOS.
Can Marriage Truly Be A Feminist Institution?

The Futile Quest For A Feminist Marriage In Today’s World

The question, however, is that even after getting rid of sexist practices and beliefs, can there be a feminist marriage?
Why Do Bollywood Movies About Women Have Male Protagonists?

Why Do Bollywood Movies About Women Have Male Protagonists?

Over the past two decades, many Bollywood films that have been hailed as women empowerment movies. But are these movies actually giving us powerful female protagonists, or just a reiteration of gender roles through male protagonists?