Aditi Ashok

Aditi Ashok: A Reminder Why Golf Is Not Just A Man’s Sport

Aditi Ashok is a young golfer representing India at the international level and the winner of 3 Ladies European Tours.
Arunima Sinha

Arunima Sinha And The Life Lessons She Can Teach Us

An erstwhile national volleyball and football athlete, Arunima Sinha is the first woman with an amputation to scale Mount Everest.
Meet The 5 Women Boxers Who Bagged Gold At World Youth Boxing

Meet The 5 Women Boxers Who Bagged Gold At World Youth Boxing

Five players from India bagged gold medals in the AIBA Women's Boxing Championship in Guwahati, putting India top of the medal chart.
girls development through sports

How Is Sports Being Used As A Tool For Development?

Nowadays, organisations are undertaking programs where they initiate development through sports, with focus on women and adolescent girls.
On PV Sindhu and Sakshi Malik: Do Women Have To "Prove" Their Worthiness To Live? sportswomen

How Does Mainstream Media Represent Sportswomen?

When it comes to reporting about sportswomen, media representation also reflects the sexist and discriminatory nature of society.
Insha Mir

Insha Mir From Kashmir Defiantly Pursues Her Cricket Dreams

Insha Mir has struggled against patriarchal diktats for over a decade and today captains her college cricket team.
women in sports

Watch These Bollywood Movies About Women In Sports This Weekend!

Here is a list of Bollywood movies that revolve around the male-dominated sports field with a special focus on women in sports.
Meet the Players of the Indian Women's Hockey Team | Feminism In India

Meet The Players Of The Indian Women’s Hockey Team

Here's a look at the Indian Women's Hockey Team, who made it possible for India to get back the title of Continental Champions after 13 years.
Asia Cup

Asia Cup 2017: Indian Women’s Hockey Team Wins The Championship

Busy rejoicing over the win of the men’s team in the Asia Cup, no one noticed that the women's team is also playing in the same tournament.

Bowled Out Of Nationalism: The Exclusion Of The “Other” National Team

Sentiments of nationalism and masculinity are connected to cricket in such a way that women become the “other” in the game.

What's Trending On FII?

Equal Play, Equal Pay: The Gendered Pay Gap In Indian Cricket

The society has somehow undermined the work done by women and cited this as a reason, along with others, to maintain a significant pay gap in the workspace, even in the domain of cricket.
10 Women With Disabilities Whose Achievements We Should Be Celebrating

10 Women With Disabilities Whose Achievements In 2018 We Should Be Celebrating

While both psychological and physical disabilities are stigmatised by society, here are ten women with disability who kicked ass in 2018.

Anuradha Koirala: The Woman Who Rescued More Than 12,000 Girls From Sex Trafficking

Anuradha Koirala has rescued 12,000 girls in her journey of 20 years. It is believed that 12,000 is the same number of girls and women trafficked to India each year.