SocietyNews Feminist News Wrap: Women Voters, Menstrual Taboos and ‘Soft Power’

Feminist News Wrap: Women Voters, Menstrual Taboos and ‘Soft Power’

In the beginning of the month, this article on the differential treatment of women’s role in the army came up. Apparently, “several lady officers have taken the army to court, challenging their work conditions and seeking greater benefits. They have asked for a permanent commission similar to that of their male counterparts.”

This Times of India article quotes a survey, where 77% of respondents believe that pants & shirt is inappropriate attire for women. 60% of these respondents were city dwellers!

This significantly horrific gang rape & murder happened which was conveniently almost ignored by the mainstream media until a hue and cry followed. The police practically ignored the police complaint and found the mutilated body of the victim after 3 days. The accused are in custody now.

After the Delhi elections, “stop ignoring women voters“, was a clear sign that came out.

There was some exceptional amount of progressive talking by female sports persons. They broke the taboo and talked about menstruation and the consequent impact on their performance. We LOVE!

This awfully unromantic story caught a lot of eyeballs.

The Supreme Court upheld the UP government’s decision to sack one of its employees on the ground of misconduct for opting for a second marriage during existence of the first marriage without prior permission by declaring that “polygamy was not integral to religion and the practice of polygamy did not acquire sanction of religion simply because it was permitted.

The Law Commission of India Chairman Justice A P Shah, said, “Section 377 is discriminatory, unreasonable and deprives a section of the population of their rights.” He also mentioned that the Supreme Court did not address the concept of constitutional morality.

And, Dalit schoolgirls were asked to clean their school toilets in the absence of cleaning staff.

BuzzFeed India editor was at the receiving end of severe abuse and misogyny online.

A veteran political leader claimed that yoga will bring down rapes in the country.

The Energy Research Institute (TERI) director R K Pachauri is facing sexual harassment charges. Apparently it is not the first time he has harassed a female employee.

On hearing the public interest litigation (PIL) on women being restricted entry into the Haji Ali Dargah, the Bombay high court observed that restriction on women in religious places is prevalent in all religions. It is important to note here that Haji Ali started restricting women only since 2012.

Acid attacks are still very common in occurrence.

The International Women’s Travel centre made a list of countries that are most unsafe for women to visit in the world. India tops that list. New Delhi is among the top 10 cities of the world to have the worst public transport system for women according to a YouGov poll.

Our Prime Minister talks about protecting women’s honour.

This MLA stood her ground for all the right reasons. Bring a creche to assemblies and the parliament!

And the central government very conveniently cut down the number of proposed rape crisis centres from 660 to 36. What was supposed to be one in every district, is now one is every state!

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