While, the week has been full of news reports, opinions and protests revolving around the banned documentary on the Nirbhaya Rape Case, India’s Daughter, we missed out on some other news which affect our women. So, here is a recap.

The Union Budget 2015, cuts the funds for the Women & Child Development Ministry by half. Yes, we said half!  The All India Democratic Women’s Association called it an “anti-women pro-corporate” budget.

The Hindu brings attention to the lesser known female workforce in India – all of them belonging to the unorganised sector.

Rapes still happen. Another horrific incident got reported.

Saina Nehwal is the first Indian woman to reach the finals at All England Badminton Championship. Though she did not win against her Spanish opponent, hers is still quite an achievement.

This brutal incident of mob violence happened – A mob pulled a rape-accused from jail and lynched him on the streets.

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Doordarshan telecasts a film about Indian lesbians. Yay!

These Indian twin sisters scaled 7 of the world’s tallest mountain peaks of seven continents to bring attention to the plight of the girl child. They now aim to empower more girls using outdoor sports.

The socio economic standing of women in India is the lowest among 16 countries in Asia-Pacific, it is even lower than Bangladesh & Sri Lanka.

27 organisations came together and organised Aath March, Saath March to celebrate International Women’s Day. Women from all walks of life gathered at Rajiv chowk metro station and rallied towards Jantar Mantar all while shouting slogans. The program included speeches, songs, dances and street theatre.

Featured Image Credit: www.thehindu.com

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