SocietyNews Feminist News Wrap – Marital Rape, Child Labour Laws and Women Workforce

Feminist News Wrap – Marital Rape, Child Labour Laws and Women Workforce

In an absolutely ridiculous and misogynistic move, the Indian government took the stand that marriage is sacred and the concept of marital rape cannot be applied in India.

In yet another regressive move, the central government plans to amend the Child Labour Prohibition Act to allow children below 14 years of age to work in “family businesses.” This vaguely worded amendment could potentially send millions of children away from school and back into work.

In yet another horrific incident, which has raised public anger, a 14-year old girl died when she was pushed off the bus by her assaulters. Her mother was also assaulted and pushed off the bus and she is now hospitalized with injuries.

In the case of a model raped by cops, the defence lawyer stunned everyone with his apparent misogyny. He said that since the accused could only complete half of the ‘rape offense’, he is liable only for half the penalty.

The Haryana government has declared that all government and private hospitals are supposed to provide free treatment for survivors of sexual assault and acid attack.

The Delhi High Court issued notice to the city government on a plea challenging the Delhi Victim Compensation Scheme for discriminating between male and female victims of rape.

The Delhi High Court acquits a man in a case where he was accused of raping his sister-in-law. The court’s reasoning included that no wife would allow her husband to have “physical relationship” with another woman in her presence.

South Asia has the world’s most skewed gender wage gap and is among the few regions where the gender labour force participation gap is both large and growing, a new report from UN Women has found. Globally, only half of women participate in the labour force, compared to three-quarters of men; in India only a third of women are in the labour force.

The All India Democratic Women’s Alliance (AIDWA) organised a public hearing against the Union budget of the NDA government under the banner “Expose Anti People Pro Corporate Budget.”

According to the UN, around 50,000 pregnant women and girls could be affected by the devastating earthquake in Nepal which has impacted the life of some eight million people.

Some rapes were reported.

Some reported rapes have seen convictions.

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