Bollywood Says is a poster series by Stree, a youth-led initiative started by students of IIT Delhi for gender sensitization, that aims to show the inherent sexism and a deep patriarchal shade in Bollywood dialogues.

They are a bunch of college students who conduct workshops and discussions in various schools and colleges of Delhi with an aim to sensitize those students about the small things in our daily lives that lead to gender-based crimes and violence. By helping the educated youth realize the root cause of sexual harassment, they hope to see a much more egalitarian society in the coming generations.

Bollywood Says 6
A man stalking and chasing you ‘consistently’ is harassment, not love.
Women are not resources, waiting to be exploited.
A woman is customized according to HIS needs.
Life partners are equal and not demi-god/goddess.
Bollywood Says 5
Bangles are not a symbol of weakness and submission.
Bollywood Says 7
Patriarchy forces men to hide their pain and emotions.
Bollywood Says 8
It is not eve-teasing, but sexual harassment and it is not funny.
Bollywood Says 9
No, honour doesn’t lie between the legs of a woman.
Bollywood Says 10
Expressing one’s emotions is NOT melodrama.
Bollywood Says 14
Only men want sex and only women want stability and commitment: perfect generalization!

Do you have your own Bollywood statement that you’d like us to add. Do tell us in the comments section below!

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  1. Way to go Stree! Amazing work you guys are doing. Missed you in the OBR event this year. Please rope in more girls in your group.

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