SocietyNews Feminist News Wrap – Minor ‘Bait’, Mob Justice & Shirin Dalvi

Feminist News Wrap – Minor ‘Bait’, Mob Justice & Shirin Dalvi

Viral Feminist News

Actor Suhasini Mulay got married in 2011. She was 60 at that point in time and found her partner via the internet! However, all of a sudden this piece of news went viral this week on the internet. Well, it is never too late to callout a woman who did something out of the common – we absolutely love examples like her!

This week, a Bangalore based woman had posted screenshots of a messages she received from a man who clearly was harassing her. However, Facebook took down these screenshots claiming that it violate Facebook’s community standards! She reposted this information which went viral and was also picked up by a few publishing sites.

Police Misconduct/ Brutality

In Ahmednagar, six suspended policemen, including an inspector, have been booked for allegedly murdering a 28-year-old dalit man in custody while investigating a theft case. Nitin Balu Sathye was arrested on May 27 by the Kotwali police during investigation of a theft. The police did not follow due procedure and kept him naked in custody. When he tried to run away, he was beat up and was declared dead when taken to the hospital.

The Maharashtra police sent a 17-year old rape survivor as ‘bait’ to get to her rapists. After it failed the first time, they sent her once again. This time the girl was raped a second time by the same rapists and the only thing the police could blame it on was ‘miscommunication.’ It never once crossed anybody’s mind that using a minor as bait was definitely not procedure.

Last week, a case was filed against an assistant sub inspector had raped the house help at his friend’s place. Apparently, this was no friend of his. The employer of the survivor mentioned that ASI had regularly extorted money from him and had also kept a close watch on the family. He had earlier harassed women in the household. This goes on to prove what we always say – rape is never a one-time offence, there is always a precedent, which we refuse to pay attention to.

Asaram Rape Case Threats

It appears like no one associated anywhere in the vicinity of the Asaram Bapu rape cases would be safe. According to the Ahmedabad crime branch, the two women officers who investigated the Asaram rape case received a written threat from an unidentified person mentioning dire consequences.

Mob “Justice”?

In Nagaland, yet another rape accused was beat up and killed by a mob. The deceased had confined a minor girl in his house and raped her. When villagers got to know of this, they immediately beat him up and when village elders rescued him & were taking him to the police outpost, he succumbed to his injuries.

Shirin Dalvi

Shirin Dalvi, an urdu journalist and the only woman to head an urdu news publication, was practically boycotted by all the urdu news media six months ago when she published a news article about the Charlie Hebdo attack along with an old cover image of Charlie Hebdo, which had a caricature that ostensibly represented Prophet Mohammed.

She now has difficulty finding work, and is in debt. A collective of human rights activists have come to Dalvi’s help by appealing for funds so that she can support herself and her children.

Political Misogyny

Ravi Gharat, the joint secretary of Raj Thackeray’s MNS, has earlier been accused of assaulting a woman and her younger sister. Though the girl rejected Gharat, he repeatedly stalked, harassed and threatened her. And now, residents of Thane were outraged when a local daily published a picture of Gharat advising a senior police official on the steps to be taken to curb crimes against women.

Women & Child Right Reports

According to a report to the Delhi government, parental neglect, lack of education, poverty and absence of a support system, at school & home, are forcing juveniles into crime in the capital.

A high level panel was set up by the government in 2013 to study the status of women in order to formulate new policies. This panel is ready with its report which suggests repealing AFSPA, decriminalising gay sex and at least 50 percent reservation for women at all levels of legislature all the way up to the Parliament.

At a conference in Delhi, Bureau of Police Research and Development chief N R Wasan clearly mentioned that most police forces in the country suffered from lack of adequate training and are especially at loss while handling cases related to women.

Reported Rapes (Trigger Warning)

In Delhi, a 9 year old girl, who was repeatedly raped by her neighbour died in a hospital. Apparently her parents filed a complaint to the police after her death.

In Ludhiana, a man was arrested for trying to rape his 7 year old daughter. His wife filed a complaint to the police when she got to know about this.

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