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Your nationalism or our nationalism? [Poem]

Your nationalism or our nationalism? History will be the judge.

Your nationalism thrives on beating your chest to the Indian team winning in cricket,
Ours thrives on allowing an individual to support the other team in a game of cricket.

Your nationalism thrives on Vande Mataram and Jana Gana Mana,
Ours thrives on the songs of Kabir Kala Manch.

Your nationalism thrives on saluting the national flag,
Ours thrives on making sure that the flag does not become an excuse for violence.

Your nationalism thrives on glorifying the army,
Ours thrives on holding them accountable.

Your nationalism thrives on banning books,
Ours thrives on allowing for every author to express themselves.

Your nationalism thrives on Bharat Mata ki Jai,
Ours thrives on We the people.

Your nationalism thrives on brandishing people as ‘terrorists’,
Ours thrives on giving a voice to those that don’t get a chance to be heard.

Your nationalism calls for death to rapists,
Ours calls for a greater change of mindset in all of us.

Your nationalism thirsts for blood,
Ours thrives for the right to live.

Your nationalism excludes those that you cannot profit from,
Ours includes those very social groups.

Your nationalism says the tax that you pay must not go into university politics,
Our nationalism says the university is our last democratic space.

Your nationalism is built on exclusion,
Ours thrives because it is inclusive.

Your nationalism means saying Kashmir is an integral part of India,
Our nationalism says the people of Kashmir decide for themselves.

Your nationalism says caste is no longer a reality in India,
Our nationalism says look at Rohith Vemula.

Your nationalism goes by the Manusmriti,
Ours goes by the Indian Constitution.

Your nationalism spreads hate
Our nationalism spreads empathy and love.

Your nationalism or our nationalism?
History will be the judge.

Featured Image Credit: Nationalism class at JNU | The Indian Express

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