The Supreme Court has had to say something that reveals the horrible truth of institution of families in india – that a daughter-in-law should be treated as family in her marital home. The exact words used (comparison to housemaid) has also simultaneously raised questions about how house-helps are treated in India.

At SCB Medical College in Cuttack, one of the biggest medical colleges in Odisha, students are on strike. They’re demanding the suspension of their principal Kajal Rani Sinha for making casteist remarks, humiliating and physically abusing an Adivasi student. This principal apparently told her, “You, Adivasis, are illiterate and have no manners. You deserve to be ill-treated. You survive on our dole outs.”

According to a report released by ActionAid UK, on International Safe Cities, 4 out of 5 women have experienced some form of harassment or violence in public spaces. 

The Women and Child Development Ministry has released the Draft National Policy for Women 2016, in hopes of replacing the 2001 National Policy for Women. Some quick focus points include women’s reproductive rights, redistribution of gender roles and the recognition of the rights of single women. This article provides a brief of the 22-page document.

California education officials have approved a curriculum that doesn’t erase caste from history and social science textbooks for sixth and seventh grade students. The Hindu American Foundation had campaigned for the removal of India’s history of caste discrimination, which was met with resistance by several secular groups including the Ambedkar Association of California.

#JusticeForJisha: Almost three weeks after Jisha was sexually assaulted and murdered at her residence in Perumbavoor, the police have not made any significant headway in the case.

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An Youtbe channel by name Girliyapa came out with a satirical video about marital rape and how our families refute its existence. And, the video went viral.

A school principal in Hathras district of Uttar Pradesh divided classrooms based on caste and also allotted teachers based on the “caste of the classroom.”

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This article on the Round Table India talks about caste as a cultural identity and as a defining factor in friendships, along with talking about how a savarna can honestly be in solidairty with the anti-caste movement.

Women ghatam players are breaking the patriarchy and hierarchy attached to their gender and their instrument. Just go and read the interesting history of gendered roles even in music.

Featured Image Credit: Protest by students at SCB Medical College |

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