#DigitalHifazat At National And International Conferences

#DigitalHifazat is Feminism in India‘s campaign (see campaign page here) on online violence against women in India based on the research report on the same that FII published earlier this year in collaboration with Freedom House.

FII’s team has presented the findings of our report and the campaign #DigitalHifazat at various national and international conferences. Below are some pictures and videos of the same.

1. Indian School on Internet Governance, Hyderabad

Founder Japleen Pasricha participated in the Indian School on Internet Governance organised by ISOC, ICANN among many others and held in November 2016 in Hyderabad, where she shared the findings of FII’s report on online violence against women in India with the other participants.

2. Digital Citizen Summit, Bengaluru

Digital Citizen Summit, organised by Digital Empowerment Foundation, tried to generate actionable policy-based recommendations and lay down steps forward to promoting human right online. Founder Japleen Pasricha moderated a panel on ‘Online Violence Against Women’ with Ms Usha Ramanathan, Legal Researcher, Nayantara Ranganathan, Internet Democracy Project, Rachita, Campaigner, Jhatkaa. See the event report here.

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3. Live Talk with WION, Noida

Content Editor Adishi Gupta spoke to WION Amicus in their Noida office in a live Facebook chat about our research report, it’s findings and the campaign #DigitalHifazat based on the same.

4. Internet Governance Forum (IGF) 2016, Mexico

FII was also at the Internet Governance Forum this year (2016) in Guadalajara, Mexico, where Founder Japleen Pasricha presented our research and campaign at two different sessions.

a. Bridging the Divide between Marginalized Communities by Freedom House

b. WS138: Solutions for countering online abuse against women by Media Matters for Democracy

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