Comic: Anti-Romeo Squads For Women’s Safety Or Love Jihad?

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Yogi Adityanath’s Anti-Romeo Squads aren’t helping, but harming. It doesn’t protect women from sexual harassment but only curb women’s right to love and of course, to prevent “love jihad”! Another way to stop empowerment.

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Harini is a freelance illustrator, writer and graphic designer from Bangalore. You'll never find her without a book, some paper and her trusty black pen.

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  1. I feel we require squads with the number of molestation and harassment happening around many molestation cases remain unsolved with no actions taken atleast these squads can create a change. However the teams should work independently not letting the other religious group to create a burn of moral policing as reports. But isn’t this a good platform to be considered when we lack one that can be considered positively! I suggest people read more on this at

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