IntersectionalityRace Watch: Northeastern Woman Brilliantly Tackles Racial Stereotypes Using Satire

Watch: Northeastern Woman Brilliantly Tackles Racial Stereotypes Using Satire

This Northeastern woman brilliantly took down all the racism of the Indian Mainland towards people of the Northeast in this satirical video.

The Northeast of India is one of the most neglected regions in the country. It is not only the Indian Government that is apathetic towards its conditions, but the larger Indian society as well. Majority of people from the ‘Indian Mainland’ are completely oblivious of the traditions, culture, language, political-economic conditions or even, geography of the Northeast of India.

Such ignorance inherently results in stereotyping, heavy generalisations, and discrimination towards people from this region. Most Northeasterners living in the Indian Mainland have been subjected to some form of racism or the other in their lifetime. Racist attitudes can either be violent such as, racial slurs (Chinky!), bullying, obvious discrimination, or non-violent and subtle that come in the form of stereotyping and generalisations.

Youtuber, Miss Imsong, uses satire in her video to highlight the ignorance of the larger Indian society towards Northeast India and its people. Many stereotypes come disguised in the form of innocent question, and it can get quite annoying to deal with them everyday. Miss Imsong asks the same questions to ‘North-west Indians’ and gives them a taste of their own medicine.

For instance, the video starts with Miss Imsong asking, “Oh, you are from the North West? I also have a friend from North West. Her name is Pinky Singh, do you know her?” addressing the ridiculous assumption that all northeast Indians know each other.

As a northeastern woman living in Delhi, I’d say this video is SO relatable (apart from being extremely humorous and entertaining). No one ever gets my name right, and I have spent way too many hours educating my peers on Northeast India’s geography. With all the hilarity aside, the video is quite hard-hitting and on point. I can only hope that people take more from this video than just its humour. I hope they reflect, empathise and educate themselves about Northeast India and its people.

Watch the video here:

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