Watch: #ThePadEffect | Campaign For Sustainable Menstruation

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Editor’s note: Approx 125kg of sanitary waste is generated per person during their menstruating years and these sanitary napkins can take 500-800 years to break down! #ThePadEffect is a campaign to advocate for sustainable menstruation and prevent thousands of tons of sanitary waste.

#ThePadEffect is a campaign to make you aware of the harmful effects of sanitary pads – for your body, for the environment, and for the society. We must collectively make the switch to sustainable menstruation.

Feminism in India in collaboration with Eco Femme, Uger Pads, SHE Cup, Boondh, Shomota and Saathi launched #ThePadEffect to revalue and rethink menstruation – because life depends on it. The campaign explored the intersection between sustainable menstruation and culture. Our collective attitudes toward menstruation contributes towards our denial and perpetuates the need to conceal it, which is supported by disposable culture and maintained by disposable sanitary products.

See the campaign page here: #ThePadEffect: Re-valuing Menstruation

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