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The Bollywood Diva Song: Madwomen In Bollywood’s Attic

The Bollywood Diva Song calls out the disparity between male and female actors in terms of their paychecks and roles in Bollywood.

If you were missing out on meaningful songs from Bollywood, this one makes a lot of sense especially as it appropriates item numbers and their long history of subjugation of female bodies and female actors. AIB writers Manaswi Mohata, Anuya Jakatdar, Ayesha Nair and Supriya Joshi collaborate with Kangana Ranaut to leave us laughing on our chairs with the parody of 2015 hit song Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan.

In case your feminist ear was upset and annoyed by the popularity of the original Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan playing at every nook and corner, tea shop and wedding, as you questioned it for its racist and objectifying content, The Bollywood Diva Song will leave you thoroughly entertained. The latter uses the refrain “Coz I Have Vagina Re” and calls the disparity between male and female actors in terms of their paychecks and roles in the Bollywood industry.

Put your name before the hero’s,
Still your paycheck has more zeroes.

The song prompts the ongoing battle between Kangana Ranaut and other Bollywood biggies especially Karan Johar who blamed Kangana for playing the victim card. But nepotism in the Indian film industry is an incessant fact and now it is being challenged in public, even parodied.

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The video reminds us of the likes of Salman Khan, Sharukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Sanjay Dutt, etc. who have stayed in the film industry due to their connections and genealogy. It mocks the fact that despite their age they still retain their positions as male leads whereas the lifespan of female actors lasts till they are young and single.

Buzurg hai mera piya,
It’s almost pedophilia.

Salman Khan romancing Sonam Kapoor. Image Credit: Filmi Beat

The existence of female characters is for the sole purpose of titillating men, therefore, even female leads are patronised as mere “love interest”. Moreover, our film industry doesn’t give space for women to express their opinions, something that even Kangana has been criticised or sidelined for in the past. She has actually been blamed for witchcraft, designated as a ‘madwoman’ with ‘Asperger’s Syndrome‘, designated as ‘crazy and a ‘psycho’.

AIB’s parody confronts the hypocritical and flawed portrayal of a ‘modern young Indian woman’ by film directors who visualize a ‘modern ladki‘ having boyfriends, holding cigarettes and giving ‘gaalis‘. However, they still necessitate item songs for their films. The “kamar shot” taken from a male gaze cannot seriously be believed to liberate women?! If only they stopped selling lies about celebrating women’s bodies through item songs.

Image Credit: Pinterest

While some people are divided in their opinions when it comes to Kangana Ranaut, we cannot deny the fact that she has given hit films leading in Queen, Tanu Weds Manu (1 & 2), and now soon to be released Simran. As some of us admire her for her boldness, the Diva Song reminds us of the discourse on boldness and bravery attached to masculinity alone as Kangana lip syncs to, “Brave hona kab mardaani hua?” Balls might be considered the epitome of bravery, but we need to reconsider our patriarchal language and give vaginas their due.

Yes, I have a vagina re.
Yes, I have a vagina re.

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