Guest Post By Priyamvada Mangal

For a long time, I thought I was asexual. Not that I had not felt sexually attracted to anyone. But felt sexual attraction only to two people until now. I am 25.

I thought maybe I tried myself into believing that I was sexually attracted to the two people who were my previous boyfriends. Or maybe puberty did not hit me hard enough.

Now think of the person/ film star/ personality who you think is hot. And imagine no dirty thought passes your mind. Okay, this does not have to be a celebrity. Just imagine thinking of any man you think is hot and sexy and not being able to fantasize about him. I think Shah Rukh Khan and Milind Soman are the hottest guys on the planet. But I cannot fantasize about them, ever. Nor could I ever fantasize about any other guy who I ever thought was good enough to qualify as my boyfriend.

I am a demisexual. That is the word for people who develop sexual attraction only with whom they share an emotional bond. I discovered this after coming across an article from Vice. And this article was the answer to every doubt I had about my sexuality.

Maybe other people associate demisexuality with more aspects to the definition than what I associate it with. I associate it with being attracted to my second boyfriend who I dated for five years and the third boyfriend. Our relationship barely lasted for a month, but we had a strong emotional connect. I have never even been attracted to the first guy I dated when I was 17. I know for a fact, that the next person who I feel sexually attracted to, will be only after I have shared a) an emotional bond with him b) have romanced him non-sexually.

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demisexual is the word for people who develop sexual attraction only with whom they share an emotional bond.

While a lot of people would simply think that this is too utopian to be believable, it is true. I have tried getting sloshed with different groups of people; I still would not feel attracted to men in that high. Nor would any kind of touch be good enough for me to good enough for me to feel sexual without the prerequisite of me having an emotional bond with the man. While I have a lot of friends having all kinds of sexual orientations, preferences and fetishes, most think I have a virginal aura because I do not feel attraction towards men and do not have as much to talk about my encounters as much as they do.

While being an adventurous person in life, I am mostly a listener when it comes to adventures in bed.

A lot of people think it is boring to be the way I am. I personally feel that being demisexual, I do not waste a lot of time and energy in making friendships and relationships out of sexual desires. I save up a lot in the long run as I can put this energy to use to focus on work/play. No energy leaks. No playing games to get into bed, or being played with either. I also feel that my relationships have been extremely meaningful and sexual attraction was just an extension of the relationship. I believe sex is sacred and my kind of sexual orientation makes it easier to maintain the sanctity.

Needless to say, I have never felt the need to explore how dating apps or the dating game works. I am so happy and content with the way everything has turned out for me. My demisexuality has been a blessing and I am going to treasure it for the precious thing that it is.

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Priyamvada completed her post graduation in Social Communications Media. She is a 25 year old photographer from Mumbai and can be followed on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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  1. I am demi too. This is pretty much how it is for me. I thought I was alone. Unfortunately my exes never understood how important the emotional bonding is for me. Even in a relationship the attraction fluctuates depending on how connected I feel with the person. Thanks for writing about this.

  2. I recently realized I was demisexual. Out of all the guys that I have spoken to, I only developed an attraction for one. I went through the same thought process you are describing. It still feels like a lack.

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