#MyFeminist2017: A Chat On People’s Favourite Feminist Moments Of 2017

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As the year 2017 ends, we asked people on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to share their favourite feminist moments of 2017 using the hashtag #MyFeminist2017.

The response was overwhelming, with people sharing their personal experiences about them dealing with body issues, mental illness and gendered expectations along with the significance of the watershed #MeToo movement and abolition of triple talaq to mention a few. Here are some of our favourite stories:

We all can do better in our conversations about mental health.

Feminist media needs feminist allies!

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Period – Destigmatized.

So many people shared their posts about accepting their body and redefining beauty and getting out of toxic situations. More power to you!

Yes, unfortunately a lot of our textbooks perpetuate archaic gender roles, this is much needed.

Identifying privilege is important to battle oppression, and as in the case of our country caste privilege.

Equality as the norm would be wonderful, yes.

Sexism in corporate offices is rampant, this is so important.

Emotional labour needs to be recognized and not taken for granted.

A lot of people shared stories of acceptance and healing.

We also made a post of our favourite feminist moments of 2017 on twitter. Check it out!

Here are some things people shared with us on Instagram:








We love you Missfit Comics!


Thank you everyone for sharing your experiences. Keep smashing the patriarchy in 2018 as well!

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