FII At re:publica 18 Conference In Berlin | Feminism In Inda

re:publica is an annual three-day conference about digital culture in Europe and the world that takes place in Berlin, Germany. re:publica 18 took place from 2-4 May 2018.

FII’s founder Japleen Pasricha was invited to re:publica 18 by Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) to speak on a panel for their Tech For Good track at re:publica. The panel was titled “The Web Women Want – How does tech fuel the feminist discourse worldwide?” and focussed on online feminist movements and digital tools.

Japleen was accompanied by co-panelists Dorothy Gordon (Chairperson Literacy Bridge Ghana, Literacy Bridge – Accessible Knowledge for All) and Robert Franken (Digital & Diversity Consultant, Equality Consulting) and the session was moderated by Katrin Bornemann (Deputy Head of department “Education and the digital World“, BMZ).

The tweets below give an insight into how the panel rolled out.

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Watch snippets of Japleen’s talk from the panel below.

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