FII Turns 4 Today!
FII Turns 4 Today!

Hello fellow feminists!

We’re delighted to share with you this exciting news. On 19 August 2018, Feminism in India turned 4 years old, and what a whirlwind its been! From being a informal Facebook page run by a one-woman team, FII now has 4 badass women helming the ship and more writers, followers and subscribers than ever before!

Here is a glimpse into our work, our journey and our hopes for the future. FII would not have gotten anywhere without supporters like you. We’re excited by what this new chapter will bring!

Please tell us if we’ve made an impact on you! We are always striving to get better as a feminist platform so feel free to give us feedback on how your experience with FII has been and areas in which we can improve. We’re always open to constructive criticism 🙂


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