Personal Essays How IIT Kanpur’s Annual Fest Turned Into A Nightmare For Us

How IIT Kanpur’s Annual Fest Turned Into A Nightmare For Us

The incident that took place in IIT Kanpur was not regarding some drunken fight for slots or cheating, rather it was regarding something as basic as women's safety.

Posted by Kuhu Srivastava

A shameful incident took place in a college fest very dear to us Antaragni – the annual fest of IIT Kanpur. Please see for yourselves as we walk you through the incident. Women’s security was being compromised in one of the largest college festivals of India. 

27th October, 2018, 01:15 AM the women of Ramjas College received a call allegedly by some local electricity board, claiming that there is some issue with the power supply and logistics. They asked for their hostel number which the women naturally refused to give. 30-35 minutes later the women were alarmed by sudden and constant banging on their doors. They got scared and didn’t answer but they constantly asked for the name and designation of the person at the door but no one answered.

30-35 minutes later the girls were alarmed by sudden and constant knocking on their doors.

The women immediately called the IIT security team who also sounded surprised by the turn of events. But they went on to calm the situation by saying that it was the Chief of Security who was banging on the door. This statement increased the apprehensions considering the fact that the women hadn’t called anyone from the security department after they received the call and the fact that the person banging on the door didn’t disclose his identity when asked for.

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The students called the police and consequently the situation was deliberated upon as a result of which the students were promised new accommodation the next day. The male members of society decided to stay outside the girls hostel, waiting for some substantial steps to be taken. But in the morning around 06:30 AM, the chief guard entered the hostel with around 20 men and demanded the music society of Ramjas College to vacate the premises since they had called the police. They referred to the students as anti-social elements and as a major threat to the annual fest. The guards while talking to the women said, “Hume pata hai tum Delhi mei kaise rehti ho toh yaha scene mat banao” (I know how you all live in Delhi, so don’t overreact here). Students were pushed, abused, and threatened.

As a consequence the entire Ramjas delegation boycotted the fest and returned to Delhi. Furthermore, students from a few other colleges of University of Delhi who are well aware about the entire incident boycotted the event to show their support.

It surely is disheartening to acknowledge that all this took place in the midst of a fest which has been very close to our hearts for many years. The incident that took place was not regarding some drunken fight for slots or cheating or extra privileges, rather it was concerning something as basic as women’s safety.

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What personally shook me to the core was the way the guards claimed that they knew how women in Delhi lived. All I can say is that even if they didn’t, the young men and women of Ramjas College gave them a clear understanding of how we women live in Delhi. We don’t stay shut inside while something wrong is happening outside. We aren’t afraid to voice our opinions and demand something as basic as security. We can’t settle with injustice. And we definitely can stand up for ourselves and our dignity.

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  1. Sikandar Waseem says:

    There’s a correction guys…….
    Ramjas didn’t boycott the events, they were thrown out of the campus…….and talking about the rest of the DU colleges, none of them boycotted any of the events.

    It would be great to keep your facts clear when expressing your thoughts on such a nice platform ?

  2. You can say anything to the guards but do you realise that the guards are not a part of the iit kanpur administration and student body. Kindly keep Kanpur iit out of it. This is not that big a problem. Don’t get triggered when you get offended… Show some maturity. . I only read this because of the IIT keyword. . And as a fellow IITian I want nothing like this to happen . Think again about everything

  3. Siddhant says:

    I’m sorry but that is a very misinterpreted and biased way of putting the situation.
    Not saying that it’s wrong, infavtit was really fucked up how they claimed about “kaise Rehti ho” and should be sacked for the same. But this isn’t how things went down and is really exaggerated. Either you or the people from the college are manipulating you.

    Sorry to burst your bubble.

  4. debartha chatterjee says:

    Dont make a fool out of yourself every body in the campus knows about the truth behind the incident. You people must have enquired about the security team before openly smoking charas/ganja. Want to know about campus safety ask the girls of iit kanpur.

  5. Mohammad Ashiq says:

    Well IIT kanpur is oneday of the most secured campus in India. It just seems a half story from your side. I tried to know their version. But it seems they will not open their mouth for students carrier.

  6. Akshat says:

    After lot of hard work years of study you get this type of treatment in India’s most prestigious institute.IIT should look into this.

  7. Divyansh says:

    Well, one shouldn’t be in a hurry to judge and make opinions about some event or some person. Both sides should be heard.

  8. DFTBA says:

    Kisi baat ka batangad banana tum logo ko kaafi achhe se aata hai

  9. Gaurav says:

    Please try to provide some facts to make the picture clear, since you are saying that ‘local electricity board’ called them so I am assuming that they were staying outside the IIT campus (local electricity board doesn’t have to do anything with IIT’s power supply). But you are also saying that you called IIT security which makes me believe that they were staying inside the campus, perhaps they were accommodated in one of IIT’s girls hostels and if that’s the case then I don’t know why you guys freaked out. I don’t think hostel guards would let anyone in, especially in girls hostels. And why didn’t they enquire about who called them?
    Please try to provide some facts so the viewers can better understand the case.

  10. HiHimans Guatam says:

    How can someone publish the claims made by an individual without cross verification and that too pertaining to one of the premier institute of India. It is an serious attempt to malign the image of institute. Ones a student enters IITK first of the things he/she is taught about is regarding to gender based issues, freedom and its real meaning, safety security etc….
    The made claims are false.If someone donot abide to rules and regulations, which in turn are for their safety, must be pushished. You can’t get rid by just using words such as gender, women safety.
    Being a member of iitk family I bbelieve that everyone has right to raise their issue(true/false) but broadcasting agencies must not publish it witbout authenticating their validity.
    Ramjas college must start a class on social attiquates and behavioural science.

  11. Ravishankar Suman says:

    Please post the other side of this case next time…

  12. Rahul Chandna says:

    One question though, What led to the Chief Security Officer to bang on the door, as during the fest he himself is very busy in the security arrangements of IIT Kanpur, also he has a team of more than 100 security guards, why did he not sent them to check, maybe there must have been something serious going on that led to himself knock on the door (maybe, that’s my logical mind). There must have been something going on that led to the chief knocking on the door, kuch hawa me toh nhi aayega ki, he wants to knock at some door.
    I support feminism and women safety is very important, but just putting a point here

  13. Shubham Singh says:

    FYI. No men are allowed to enter or stay in girls hostel from 12 night to 6 am morning…so whatever happened was either be a prank or done by girls only…and you should have checked the entry register to confirm the presence of any men..

  14. Shubham Singh says:

    Moreover without substantial proof how could you justify your claim…and what was the threat in opening the door when you live in the most secured location of IIT Kanpur surrounded by your friends..???

  15. NIT W student says:

    Yes even in top colleges like IITs and NITs, male students indulge in such inappropriate behavior and this is so unfortunate.
    I am an alumni of NIT-warangal and have seen boys behaving drinking heavily, doing drugs, passing lewd comments and behaving indecently and inappropriately towards girls, especially during such college fests, and these guards and wardens are good for nothing. These students get further emboldened to continue their behavior because of inaction and no strong disciplinary measures in colleges.
    I hope in wake of #metoo, colleges will take appropriate measures to curb antisocial behavior of these male students, so that these 18-25 yrs dont go onto exhibit serious serial predatory behavior in the professional space also causing such great harm and pain to others.

  16. Prateek Katiyar says:

    I live in Kanpur and have attended several events organised by IIT Kanpur (specially those organised for startups & entrepreneurs). Each time visiting this campus I feel the heat of ill mannered students, these guys are actually fresher’s and have zero or little idea of outside world. Most of them are suffering from “I am on a big stage syndrome” and take things for granted. Same is the reason why most IITians underperform on international platforms.
    It is a big race and getting admission to a “better among the worst” Indian universities doesn’t makes you an over all champion. Most of these guys might achieve a level of wealth in life but they largely fail in building a better environment everywhere.

  17. Anurag SIngh says:

    No they were living in IIT Kanpur campus only. Boys and girls are always accommodated in separate hostels or buildings. The students of Ramjas College were adamant on boys and girls staying together. The security guys didn’t allow it. So they what the boys did that they went to girls hostel before 12 am (which was allowed) and didn’t come back. When the security people discovered that they went to the room the girls refused to open it. Hence there was banging on door and IIT Kanpur threw the students out. NO OTHER DU COLLEGE BOYCOTTED THE FEST. IIT Kanpur takes security of girls very seriously and hence took this step. If the student wants to stay together they can anywhere outside IIT Kanpur. If you want to stay in IIT Kanpur you have to follow its rules
    -Student at IIT Kanpur and a member of security team

  18. Prateek Bhargava says:

    This is exactly what toxic feminism looks like, creating false allegations to conceal the actual facts. Also, it is appalling to see a feminist website condoning such behavior by publishing an uncorroborated allegation which has little to truth in it.

    The actual facts is that the students of Ramjas College weren’t willing to stay in separate hostels at night (gender-specific) hostels and also indulged in weed-smoking. They were thrown out of the campus for violating institute norms, and perhaps the security guards were correct in stating that the kind of “liberal” life they lead in Delhi (unregulated interaction between students of different genders at night and substance abuse) wasn’t welcome in a campus of repute as IIT Kanpur.

    Students of IIT Kanpur have enough courage to identify and crush false allegations. #believeAllWomen doesn’t matter there, instead truth matters, facts matter. Until you get your facts straight please confine yourselves within the echo chamber created by toxic feminists; you’ll be welcomed to the real world when you can learn to behave in one.

  19. Bal Gupta says:

    Publishing unverified reports, withoit other points of view, you are violating the first rule of responsible journalism n doing a disservice to feminist movement too.

    Please grow up.

  20. Excellent content and thank you so much for share your knowledge

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