FII Founder Japleen Pasricha Spoke At The 4GameChangers Festival
FII Founder Japleen Pasricha Spoke At The 4GameChangers Festival

The 4GameChangers Festival in Vienna is a 3 days conference for influencers, rebels, visionaries and gamechangers in Austria and abroad. It is a mixture of trade conference, trade exhibition/entertainment court and music festival.

FII Founder Japleen Pasricha was invited to speak at the festival on gender, diversity and inclusion. The panel was titled ‘The Unequal Equality of Social Justice’ and included Bettina Vogler-Trinkfass, Country Manager P&G Austria, Therese Kaiser, CEO KATHE, Japleen Pasricha, Founder-Director & Editor-in-Chief, Feminismn in India, Klaus Schwertner, Managing Director, Caritas der Erzdiözese Wien, Diajeng Lestari, Founder & CEO, HIJUP, Thomas Lichtblau, Executive Director, BIPA and Christine Catasta, Senior Partner, PwC. It was moderated by Rita Isiba, Founder, Aphropean Partners.

The panel dealt with questions like how to integrate minorities in the company, how to make the hiring process more inclusive, how to create equal rights in salary, communication and mindset, corporate social responsibility and does digitisation help in recruiting more diverse employees.

During the panel, Japleen talked about affirmative action and how if companies truly want to be diverse, they need to stop looking at diversity as a quote that they need to fill, but as a necessity that will also have a positive impact on their business and profits. “Diversity brings quality“, she said.

She also talked about women and marginalised communities are using WhatsApp to organise and mobilise, giving examples of FII’s WhatsApp list and how WhatsApp was used to organise the #IWillGoOut protest, among others.

You can watch the panel here. It is partly in English and German.

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