FII Inside News Shreyasi Bose: Writer, Poet and Painter | #MeetTheFIITeam

Shreyasi Bose: Writer, Poet and Painter | #MeetTheFIITeam

Shreyasi Bose is a writer, poet, painter and a content designer. She was part of FII's voluntray team in 2016.

As part of FII’s new Meet the Team series, we are featuring former and current employees who have worked with or are working with us currently since the inception of FII. Feminism in India as a digital intersectional feminist media platform would not exist if not for these incredible individuals who have helped build this organisation to make what it is today.

Today, we’re chatting with Shreyasi Bose, who is a writer, poet, painter and a content designer. She is an intersectional feminist and a mental health advocate in her own capacity. She is also an avid meme maker and consumer. A cat mom, she loves her babies to death. She is currently living one day at a time, trying to fight this pandemic. 

Shreyasi joined FII in 2016 as the Creative Head and was part of the voluntary team before FII formally started operations. Her work included creating visuals, graphics and artwork for FII, writing feminist articles and moderating FII’s Facebook group (which she still continues to do!). She was also the brain behind the brilliant campaigns ‘Let’s claim #NotAllMen‘ and #WomenAreCumming. Let’s find out more about Shreyasi’s journey at FII!

Shreyasi Bose

FII: What did you like most about being a part of the FII family?

Shreyasi: I was making a difference no matter how small; adding to the fight against patriarchy. 

FII: What advice would you give someone joining the organisation?

Shreyasi: Have open clear conversations about everything and never be afraid to learn. 

FII: How would your (former) colleagues describe you?

Shreyasi: Quite flaky to be honest. I wasn’t in the best of my mental health. 

FII: Which fictional character do you identify with and why?

Shreyasi: A mix of Kaladin and Shallan from The Stormlight Archive. Their mental health and trepidations match mine. 

FII: What is something that you’re tired of hearing.

Shreyasi: Calm down. I get that a lot because I am an anxious person. 

FII: Which feminist movement do you feel particularly passionate about and why?

Shreyasi: The personal ones. Each one of us fight our parents, society, and many others to get where we are as feminists. I really believe in individuals and their strength and that encourages other people to fight their own battles. 

Shreyasi and Japleen

FII: What makes FII a ‘feminist’ organisation?

Shreyasi: It’s intersectionality. I also know that FII takes criticism and learns and unlearns. 

FII: Tell us about a particular incident that happened to you at work that you will always remember.

Shreyasi: I have always worked remotely but I really loved our team chats and the campaigns we came up with. 

FII: Do you remember when and why you decided to work at a feminist organisation?

Shreyasi: I was just starting to write and publish feminist articles and Japleen gave me a chance to work with her. I am glad I took her up on it. 

FII: If you had a talk show, which feminist icon would you call and what would you ask them?

Shreyasi: So many, but I would have wanted Carrie Fisher. I would have asked her how she was such a magical queen all the time. 

FII thanks Shreyasi Bose for her timely and valuable contribution to the organisation. We are incredibly grateful to have her as a part of our team and appreciate her for her deeply insightful work. Follow her on Instagram and her Facebook pages Clinically Depressive Memes and Thought Spirals.

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