Podcast: How Do Beauty Standards Affect Our Mental Health?
Podcast: How Do Beauty Standards Affect Our Mental Health?

It’s impossible for people to be living and consuming content online these days without having glaring ideas of the ideal body type being shoved down their throats – be it social media, pop culture, adverts, music, family and society: everyone seems to have an opinion on what our bodies should be like and they don’t hesitate for a second in making that known to us.

In the third episode of Intersectional Feminism—Desi Style! podcast, we’re talking about ridiculous standards of beauty in society, and the harmful effects they have on our mental health. Joining the hosts Pragya and Nishtha in this episode are a levy of guests, famous comedian Supriya Joshi, FII Content Strategist Purnima Singh, Disability rights activist and FII columnist Anusha Mishra, Trans woman and FII writer Riju Banerjee, and the hosts of Fat. So? podcast Pallavi and Ameya.

This podcast is available on Spotify, Apple, Google, and six other streaming platforms via Anchor.

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