MultimediaPodcasts Podcast: Un-stereotyping The Woman In STEM Ft. Dr. A Mani

Podcast: Un-stereotyping The Woman In STEM Ft. Dr. A Mani

In the tenth episode of Season 3 of IFDS, we have with us Dr. A Mani talking about the experiences of women and queer individuals in STEM and a lot more!

When we imagine a woman at work, what do we think? Or rather, what are we taught to think of? There are certain professions that our society assigns to women – workspaces that reflect values like nurture and caregiving. Imagining dynamic workspaces with women who ace the ladder through their skills is still slightly alien to us. Through the course of this season of our podcast, we have been steadily debunking such workplace gender stereotypes. In this episode, we are going to speak to someone who works in the field of science.

Joining our hosts Shriya and Sukanya in this episode is research scientist Dr. A Mani. Dr. Mani is a scientist in algebra, logic, and rough sets at ISI Kolkata, and a senior member of the International Rough Set Society. She has formerly been with HBCSE, TIFR, and Calcutta University. She is also a prolific feminist and a lesbian rights activist. Tune in as we discuss what it is like to be a woman in STEM in India, what kind of experiences women and queer people in this field have, and a lot more!

This podcast is available on SpotifyAppleGoogle, and many other streaming platforms via Anchor. Listen to this episode on any of your favourite streaming platforms and tell us what you think in the comments section!

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